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Happy Thanksgiving

Special occasions steeped in strong foundations of traditions, celebrations and gatherings with those we cherish most are often held near and dear. Memories are shared around the table, updates on new personal endeavors are announced and heart-warming feelings can be felt all throughout. It’s no wonder times like these are placed in high regard by […]

Seasonal Ailments

This time of year often brings many to feel excitement as the holidays approach, visitors arrive and temperatures being to cool down. It is also the season, however, when certain illnesses, such as the flu, are increasingly reported. Bacteria and viruses can spread through human contact, touching germ-ridden surfaces and even the air we breathe. […]

Alzheimer’s Awareness

November is National Alzheimer’s Awareness Month. Throughout the month, a light will be shone more pointedly at this disease to raise awareness for those living with Alzheimer’s in hopes that one day it will be even better understood, identified and treated. Here at Aqua Home Care, we would like to help raise awareness in honor […]

Aging in Place

When daily living care becomes a necessary part of your life, you may find yourself asking questions that, perhaps, were once only passing thoughts of “what if” scenarios. Now, however, these questions that may have been surreal become more substantial. Where will I go? Who will be caring for me? What happens to my home? […]

Care for Veterans

          In honor of Veterans Day, we at Aqua Home Care would like to offer our sincerest thanks to all who have served our country. The bravery, sacrifice and dedication it takes to serve in any branch is not an easily treaded path, and we have the utmost respect for those willing to have traveled […]