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Wishes for a Happy New Year from Aqua Home Care

As we approach the new year and wait for the remaining hours of 2019 to tick by, we take into account all of the experiences, trials, accomplishments and meaningful moments that we have collected and consider how they have shaped us this past year. Many are taking time for reflection while also looking onward for […]

Vacation with Care

Our sunny state of Florida is a beacon for vacationers who wish to spend time in our tropical climate. Whether visiting family or escaping the cold weather, there are essential items to pack as well as essential plans to make. Those who are receiving daily living care services at home may need to consider planning […]

In-Home Care 24/7

We welcome guests into our homes to host, entertain and provide in ways best suited for the occasion. It’s a common concept and, in many homes, customary. Perhaps less thought about, however, are the occasions where we must invite someone into our home in order to be taken care of ourselves. In-home caregivers visit the […]

Dignified In-Home Care

When you’ve been working hard to take care of yourself and your family throughout the years, seeing the fruits of your efforts can spark a feeling of pride and accomplishment. For some, the thought of transitioning from this role to requiring personal care can feel overwhelming. Whether this transition comes about gradually due to a […]

Arthritis and Daily Living

Arthritis is a term often used when referring to joint pain or joint disease. Inflammation of the joints can cause many unfavorable symptoms such as mobility limitations, stiffness, swelling, decreased range of motion, muscle weakness, fatigue, pain, and more. Millions of individuals across the globe are living with arthritis, and there are over one hundred […]

Quality Living with Quality Care

Living life to the fullest might mean something different for everyone. What qualifies as quality living isn’t always “one size fits all” as we each go about living our lives fully in our own unique ways. For some, days spent with feet planted in the sand in the presence of the ocean or sharing time […]

Keeping Appointments

They appear marked on our calendars, stored as reminders in our phones or are even jotted down on stray pieces of paper found on the counter. Keeping up with doctor appointments isn’t much of a highlight, though the importance remains nonetheless. A visit to the doctor’s office can require some planning and rearranging, but making […]

When a Scammer Calls

It can happen to any one of us as attempts to steal our personal information or money over the phone are made every day. Nowadays, many Americans keep their phones readily nearby, and when a call comes through the tendency to reach for these devices is almost immediate. The voice on the other end may […]

Peace of Mind throughout the Night

We end our days by completing last minute chores, unwinding in our favorite corners of the house and moving through well-established nightly routines. Settling comfortably into bed follows along with rest that will be needed for the morning hours ahead. These rituals, including incidents that may arise during the night, can be disrupted when certain […]

Mobility Assistance

Getting from place to place around your own home may not be something you think twice about. For some individuals, however, it can be quite a task. When certain medical conditions, aging, injuries or illnesses become a factor in everyday living, the ability to move around the house independently may be compromised. This impacts more […]