Care Providers


Care and Companionship during Admission

While there are those who have been able to steer clear of hospital stays and care facilities, being admitted isn’t always avoidable. Admission follows a matter pressing enough to warrant medical attention over a period of time, so, while not always pleasant, it can be the best option. Whether a procedure is needed, an illness […]

Care for You and Your Pets

Our faithful furry, fluffy, feathered or even scaly friends hold a special place in our hearts. From their silly antics to their unyielding loyalty, we can count on our pets for a laugh or a smile. For many, life just wouldn’t be the same without their trusted companions. Unfortunately, when faced with needing daily living […]

Keeping Loved Ones Near

If someone you love is in need of daily care, questions abound may be circulating through your mind. How am I going to help my loved one? Will they be able to stay at home with me? When should I begin searching for a caregiver? How much will this cost? What are my options? What […]

Taking Precaution: Heatstroke

Here in sunny Florida the summer months offer us longer days, seasonal activities and visiting families looking to enjoy all that our state has to offer. While our tropical climate is known for warmer temperatures year round, the rising heat in the summer means taking additional precautions. Overheating can occur at any time, though excessive […]

In-Home Care for those with Special Needs

Aqua Home Care is a company dedicated to finding in-home caregivers for residents of the Treasure Coast and surrounding areas. Throughout the years, we have been able to match those seeking daily living assistance with trusted caregivers who are able to provide services right in the comfort of home. When individuals are living alone or […]

Services that Help Start and End your Day

There are moments when we all could use a helping hand, and this can be especially true for those facing limited mobility, health issues, injuries, and other conditions. For some, additional support during specific hours of the day may be all that is needed rather than care around the clock. Having a compassionate in-home caregiver […]

Still Having Fun

Some forms of entertainment have stood the test of time and are still enjoyed by many today. Board games, playing cards, dominoes and more are still staples and, while tweaks have been made throughout the years to even the classics, they can still be found in homes and stores. Some families may have even adopted […]

Enjoying Quality Time

Being able to spend our days with those we love most forms bonds, creates memories and builds strong foundations. Relishing in time with loved ones, eating home-cooked meals, sharing stories and celebrating life events with one another are just a few ways to enjoy quality time together. One thought families ponder when a loved one […]

Avoiding Hospital Readmission

Being released from the hospital leaves little desire to return. Whether your stay was short-lived or weeks were spent under observation, getting the all-clear to go home is a triumph. Unfortunately in some cases, there are individuals who find themselves reentering these facilities not long after leaving. Hospital readmission refers to patients who have been […]

Finding Care for Dad

There is a special place secured in your heart for the man who stood by you, offered advice and a listening ear, provided for you, cheered through your triumphs and weathered alongside you through hurdles. With each milestone and obstacle that comes along, it is only natural to look toward those who have shown such […]