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Avoiding Illness

Feeling under the weather is highly relateable as it is likely to be experienced at one point or another. From the common cold to more serious illnesses, enduring any stretch of unpleasant symptoms can be difficult. Imposing side-effects that get in the way of everyday life are unwelcome and impeding. Unfortunately, illness-causing germs are everywhere. […]

Seasonal Errands

There are only a few days left until that special morning dawns on our peaceful Treasure Coast. All over town we see store owners busily restocking popular items, shoppers finalizing and crossing items off from their lists and others relishing in the sight of festive decorations before they are taken down once more. Relatives and […]

Home for the Holidays

There might have been a few different recordings over the years, but listening to your favorite version of the classic “Home for the Holidays” still has that timeless appeal for its universal truth. Around the world people are celebrating this time of year in their own unique ways with their own family traditions. Whether it […]

Seasonal Ailments: Getting through Cold and Flu Season with In-Home Care

‘Tis the season for holiday cheer, merriment and joyful tidings. Busily preparing for the remaining festivities of the year as we look forward to upcoming celebrations offers that special kind of excitement and anticipation that only the holiday season can bring. However, this time of year also brings an elevated potential for putting a pause […]

Merry Wishes from Our Home to Yours

Around the world near and far many are celebrating this morning with timeless traditions as they revel in the Christmas spirit We at Aqua Home Care would like to take a moment to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas. After weeks of busy preparation, that much anticipated day of the year is upon us. As […]

Staying Social

Some of the best memories are made when surrounded by friends and family. Sharing stories, reminiscing and simply being around those close to us can put us in a state of relaxation and contentment. Even meeting new people and participating in social events can create a sense of belonging and adventure. While being able to […]

Household Care with your In-Home Care

Maintaining a home’s integrity not only benefits one’s resale value, but one’s general well-being as well. Keeping up with repairs, upgrades, landscaping and other chores is a necessity that can become increasingly difficult when a homeowner is faced with health conditions or limitations. There may come a time when your home isn’t the only thing […]

In-Home Care and Companionship

When thinking about in-home care, you may picture this service strictly for those needing assistance to meet their daily living needs, whether minimally or more significantly. Those requiring a skilled hand to help with injuries, meals, grooming and walking often seek in-home care as a way to receive aide in their own surroundings. While in-home […]

Aqua Home Care: Our Commitment to You

Having proudly served the Treasure Coast and surround areas for many years, we at Aqua Home Care continue our commitment to referring quality in-home care services to those seeking support. With a registry of highly trained and dedicated home health aides and certified nursing assistants, a vast selection of in-home care services and an unending […]

Quality Care and Quality Time

As we grow, our days become filled with the tasks and responsibilities that come along with having a job, a family and a home. Yet, ensuring our loved ones are well-cared for, building our careers and sustaining a roof over our heads can quickly turn the seemingly long days into very short years. Adding the […]