Care Providers


Pregnancy and Postpartum Support Plans

One of the most joyous times for families is anticipating the arrival of a newborn. From the first moment you find out a new addition is on the way through the nine months that follow, there can be much to plan, accomplish and celebrate. While pregnancy and the delivery that follows can certainly be filled […]

Fall Prevention

It’s a common occurrence that impacts hundreds of thousands each year. Individuals who become injured after a fall often face hospitalization and a period of time devoted to recovery. From bumps and bruises to fractures and sprains, the degree of severity is varied, but should be taken seriously none-the-less. With more than ninety-five percent of […]

Aqua Home Care: Helping to Put Your Mind at Ease

With many questions to be answered and factors to be taken into consideration, the process of finding an in-home caregiver can feel overwhelming. More so, you want to make sure the caregiver chosen has the experience needed to meet your needs, the compassion it takes to care for another as well as a reputation for […]

Aqua Home Care: Making Mindful Matches

Genuine relationships are built on foundations of trust, respect and concern for well-being. Whether these relationships be with a neighbor, coworker, or friend of a friend, establishing a bond can be lasting and very rewarding. With any pairing, building a relationship can take time to grow and develop. Fostering a caregiver/client relationship is no different […]

In-Home Needs Assessment for Tailored In-Home Care

When you find yourself in search of in-home care, you want to make sure you, or your loved one, receives the best one-on-one care possible. Obtaining such services allows you the ability to stay in your own home with the support you need for daily living from a caregiver who is there to exclusively meet […]

Running Errands with Your Caregiver

Everyday living activities and responsibilities are an ever-present part of daily life. While some of the tasks on our plates may change and evolve over the years, others stay relevant no matter how much time passes. From paying bills and going to doctor’s appointments to more relaxing trips to the salon or store, there is […]

Aqua Home Care and Assisted Living

Whether it be a factor of age-related issues or other reasons for needing assistance, many individuals find that assisted living communities are an appropriate placement for themselves or their loved ones. While staff is available to provide support, residents of these facilities live fairly independent lifestyles. Those suited for assisted living can benefit from having […]

In-Home Care and Diabetes Management

The human body has its own natural way of regulating blood sugar levels from within. Insulin and glucagon – hormones produced by the pancreas – keep these levels in the desired range for optimal functioning. Glucagon is released in response to low blood sugar and helps these levels naturally rise to a normal range. Insulin […]

Medication Reminders

A significant component to living well and maintaining quality living is ensuring good health. Balancing exercise, eating nutritious meals and staying hydrated helps clear the road to a healthy lifestyle and benefits to overall well-being. While managing your health on a daily basis should include as much of the aforementioned as possible, some must also […]

Mobility Assistance

From getting out of bed in the morning to moving about the house to running necessary errands, daily living requires some level of mobility to complete everyday tasks and meet everyday needs. For many reasons, maintaining mobility independence can grow increasingly difficult. Arthritis, hip, knee and other joint damage, back injuries, health issues and other […]