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In-Home Care: Taking Proactive Measures for Fall Prevention

With fall injury occurrences among older adults happening on a daily basis, this type of accident remains a leading concern for aging individuals and their families. While not all falls lead to major complications, commonly reported injuries  have included sprains, bone fractures and head traumas. Aging can bring about risk factors that make falling more […]

Returning Home with Aqua Home Care

Escaping the cold weather is a common reason many choose to spend the cooler months of the year here in Florida. Dipping temperatures, icy roads and frequent snowfalls aren’t for everyone, and many travel between their homes up north and their homes here in the Sunshine State. While a return to the warm, sandy shores […]

Finding Support for You and Your Home with Aqua Home Care

Our personal surroundings tend to be a reflection of our styles, tastes and personalities. Adorning walls and surfaces with keepsakes, art, photographs and more can make a house feel like a home. Even one’s mood may be impacted as feelings of calm and pride can surmount when walking through the door and away from the […]

In-Home Caregivers: Presence with Heart and Sources of Support

Over the years, life changes can bring many different people in and out of our lives. Job transfers, travel, selling/purchasing homes, educational obligations and additional factors tend to affect who remains part of our daily lives. Friends and family may come and go for these and various other reasons, leaving some individuals alone most of […]

Social Benefits of In-Home Care

Some of the best moments in life are spent in the company of those with whom we can share laughs, stories and everyday conversations. As social beings, reaching out to others and connecting fills our need for socialization. Whether meeting new people or maintaining contact with close friends and family, benefits of socialization can be […]

The Care of a Loved One: Questions that Ensure Wellness

In-home care can offer your loved one the ability to stay in the comfort of their own home during periods of recovery or when long-term support is needed. With a caregiver present to attend to daily needs and routines, you are able to put your mind at ease knowing your loved one is in capable hands. […]

Transitions: When Care at Home is Needed

There can be much uncertainty when it comes to facing a major life change. With questions abound and wondering thoughts that can nearly consume,  it is both understandable and expected that an overwhelming feeling would arise when accustomed day-to-day operations must be operated differently. This can be the case for those who find themselves in […]

Heatstroke: Taking Precaution

There is plenty of sunshine offered here in our state of Florida. Outdoor activities, hours spent at the beach and even everyday routines that take place outside of the home are typically experienced under strong rays from the sun. While our tropical climate is known for higher temperatures year round, the rising heat in the summer […]

Empty Nests: How In-Home Care Can Help Those Living Alone

Over the years, we watch over those in our care as they grow. We experience all of the joys, worries, traditions and milestones that come with raising a family. At some point, in what can seem like the blink of an eye, the ones we cared and provided for transition into the world by leaving […]

Special Needs and Quality Support

Aqua Home Care is a trusted in-home care referral company serving residents of the Treasure Coast and beyond. During our years of dedicated service, we have been able to help individuals in need of daily living assistance receive the quality support they deserve right in the comfort of their own home. When care is needed, […]