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Care at Home Post-Stroke

A stroke is a serious medical emergency that occurs when blood supply to the brain is suddenly interrupted. When the cells in the brain become deprived of the oxygen they need to survive, brain damage and possible fatal outcomes can follow. Signs of a stroke include numbness/weakness on one side of the face, arm, or leg, […]

Family First with Aqua Home Care

The familiar saying “family first” has withstood the test of time thanks to its agreeable message and comforting connotation. It is a wholesome reminder of what truly is most important. The loved ones in our lives with whom we share unbreakable bonds, deep-rooted traditions, long histories and a lifetime of memories are the ones we […]

Facing the Unexpected: Finding Payment Options for In-Home Care

Planning is something you may have been doing from an early age and particularly since early adulthood. Deciding which career option to follow, which path to take, where to settle down and possibly raise a family and how to afford to someday retire are some of life’s most planned ventures. Even small day-t0-day decisions can […]

Safe and Sound: Keeping of You and Your Home Secure with Aqua Home Care

Your home should be a space of calm and comfort. Being able to feel secure within its walls depends on certain factors, and maintaining them helps ensure that your home remains a haven that meets safety needs. For various reasons, keeping up with the usual tasks that sustain a safe environment can become increasingly difficult […]

Support for Wellness at Home

For the last several months, we, as a society, have been considerably more mindful about avoiding illness. Taking preventative measures to avert viral spread is an ongoing practice as we move through this pandemic. While COVID-19 symptoms have understandably been very closely monitored this year, other illnesses remain and should continue to be monitored as […]

Infection Prevention Week

International Infection Prevention Week is observed each year in October. During this time, healthcare professionals along with other individuals help to raise awareness about the importance of preventing infections and how to best protect oneself from them. This year we take perhaps an especially closer look at how to remain healthy and, in turn, maintain […]

Building Bonds through In-Home Care

Being of service to those in need is a calling compassionate hearts tend to answer. Offering support and care to individuals who need it most can be fulfilling and rewarding as services necessary for everyday life are provided. On the other end, being the one in need of care can be challenging. However, when those in […]

Living with Arthritis: Care and Support at Home

Arthritis is a common term often used when referring to joint pain or joint disease. Inflammation of these joints can cause many unfavorable symptoms such as mobility limitations, stiffness, swelling, decreased range of motion, muscle weakness, fatigue, pain, and more. Millions of individuals across the globe are living with arthritis, and there are over one […]

Alzheimer’s Disease: Finding Support with Aqua Home Care

Our memories hold the key to our past. Being able to accurately recall a lifetime of events, milestones, lessons, relationships and so much more is truly priceless, though this ability is not often given much thought. Likewise, being able to complete basic daily routines with independence as connections between brain and body are properly made […]

Visiting your Doctor and Managing Appointments with In-Home Care

They may appear marked on our calendars, stored as reminders in our phones or even jotted down on stray pieces of paper. Understandably, keeping up with doctor appointments may not feel like much of a highlight, though the importance of doing so remains nonetheless. A visit to the doctor’s office can certainly require some planning […]