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Seasonal Changes: Staying Safe this Cold and Flu Season with In-Home Care

This time of year often brings feelings of excitement as preparations for holiday celebrations commence. Homes are donned with decorations, temperatures begin to cool down, and holiday shopping is well underway. It is also the season, however, when illnesses such as the cold and flu are increasingly reported. The viruses that cause these ailments can […]

Special Thanks from Aqua Home Care

Celebrations built upon the strong foundations of tradition are often held near and dear. Around the table, virtual or otherwise, memories are shared, updates on new personal endeavors are announced and heart-warming feelings are felt. It is no wonder that times like these are placed in such high regard by so many. Being able to […]

Keeping and Reshaping Traditions with In-Home Care

That time of year is upon us once again where traditions and gatherings mark the start of the holiday season. This year, however, common components of these celebrations are being rethought and reimagined. While years past may have had millions readying their homes for incoming guests and purchasing fine foods fit for a large feast, […]

Commitment Meets Excellence with Aqua Home Care

Developing lasting bonds, maintaining community support, raising awareness for causes and earning the trust of those who seek our services have contributed to the solid foundation on which Aqua Home Care has grown. With a never-ending commitment to the highest standard of care, we have been able to build a reputable registry of compassionate, skilled […]

Care for Now and for the Road Ahead

It happens from time to time. Circumstances change, situations shift, and tables turn. Often beyond our control, it is in these moments we are prompted to reach out for support. Illnesses, injuries, health conditions and more can arise at any moment, making it necessary to rely on the assistance of others. While some may only need […]

Memory Loss: Care and Guidance with In-Home Care

Managing everyday tasks along with tending to daily personal care needs can be difficult for those living with memory loss. While Alzheimer’s disease, dementia, injury and other factors that interfere with memory can sometimes be managed, to a degree, with medications, support at home may still be necessary. Varying levels of care are often needed […]

Veteran’s Benefits and In-Home Care

Today, we as Americans take time to honor the veterans who have served in our United States military. Across the country people will see flags being flown, remembrances shared, dedications made, respect given and freedom enjoyed as we thank those who gave, risked and sacrificed on our behalf. It is with the sincerest of thanks […]

Diabetes Awareness Month

Diabetes Awareness Month is observed annually in November. Throughout this time, focus is placed on raising awareness for diabetes and the impact it has on those affected. This disease affects millions of individuals in the United States alone, and more and more are diagnosed every day. Diabetes occurs when a person’s blood sugar levels cease […]

Brain Health: Staying Sharp with Nutritional Wellness

It is no secret that eating healthy provides numerous benefits for our bodies. When it comes to weight management, heart health, blood pressure, sugar levels, energy levels and so much more, what we put in our bodies can have lasting impacts. While it is absolutely important to get the proper nutrition that will aid in […]

In-Home Care: Maintaining Consistency through Life’s Changes

With time in constant motion, it is only inevitable that we will come to notice the subtle, and not so subtle, changes that are packaged in with each passing year. From the tiny lines that begin to crowd our faces to a lessening in our ability to move as quickly as once before, change takes […]