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Getting Personal: Dignified Care at Home

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There is a sense of joy and pride that can be felt when providing for and caring for our loved ones. Being able to ensure that those who are near and dear to us remain safe, comfortable and well can be one of life’s greatest accomplishments. However, there may come a time when such support […]

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Hospital Readmission: Reducing the Risk of Return

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Getting the “all clear” to go home from the hospital leaves little desire to return any time soon. Whether the stay was short-lived or weeks were spent under observation, being released from the hospital is a triumph. Unfortunately in some cases, there are individuals who find themselves reentering these facilities not long after leaving. Hospital readmission […]

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Fall Risk – Staying Steady with Proactive In-Home Care

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With instances of fall injuries among older adults being reported on a daily basis, fall risk remains a leading accident concern for aging individuals and their families. While not all falls lead to major complications, common injuries include sprains, bone fractures and head trauma. Aging can bring about risk factors that make falling more likely, and […]

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Stay Close with Care at Home

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When you have spent most of your life, or even a few cherished years, living with someone you dearly love it can be hard to imagine living apart. While there are aspects of life that can be controlled, circumstances may arise that slightly shift or entirely change day-to-day living. Some of these changes may impact […]

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Glaucoma Awareness Month

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Throughout the month of January, time is taken to shine a more prominent light on the eye disease known as glaucoma. Affecting millions of individuals worldwide who range in age from infancy to elderly, glaucoma is most typically found in older adults. Glaucoma is defined as a group of eye conditions that impact the optic […]