Care Providers


Medication Management

Maintaining one’s health is imperative for quality living. Routinely remembering and following doctor’s orders is a responsibility of great importance and plays a key role in everyday wellness. From reducing troublesome symptoms to regulating the body’s proper levels of functioning, there are a variety of reasons to take medications on time and as directed. While […]

Cool and Comfortable with Aqua Home Care

The warmest season of the year is upon us, and these long summer days are bringing even higher temperatures to our Sunshine State. Though years of living on this tropical peninsula may have acclimated its residents to such conditions, heat safety is applicable to even the most seasoned of Floridians. Being mindful of the heat […]

Staying in Motion with Supportive Services

Moving about around your own home may not be something you think twice about. However, it can be quite a task for some individuals and can require more consideration. When certain medical issues, aging, injuries, illnesses and other conditions are a part of everyday life, the ability to move from room to room independently may […]

Life to the Fullest with Full-Service In-Home Care

Here at Aqua Home Care, we believe that requiring services at home doesn’t have to mean sacrificing quality living. When the highest standard of in-home care is being provided that effectively meets individual needs, other parts of life may be able to fall back into place. We understand that life can take unexpected turns, and […]

Technological Advances: Social Connections with Social Media

Technology has become a central, and in some cases essential, part of everyday life over the last two decades. Many of us can still remember growing up without cellphones and other portable devices at our disposal such as laptops, tablets, smartwatches and more. Even household appliances have seen their share of upgrades with new features […]

Social Perks of In-Home Care

Some of the best moments in life are spent in the company of those with whom we can share laughs, stories and everyday conversations. As social beings, reaching out to others and connecting fills our need for socialization. Whether meeting new people or maintaining contact with close friends and family, benefits of socialization can be […]

Planning and Paying for Care at Home

Planning for daily expenses along with expenses to come is part of everyday budgeting and saving. When an upcoming bill approaches, repair/maintenance is needed, a celebration/event is arranged, or a trip is scheduled, setting aside money is an expected preparation. Of course, there are other life events that are far less than expected. A sudden […]

Maintaining Independence with In-Home Care

When impacts of aging limit independence, it is only natural to feel a sense of loss. Transitioning from living everyday life as you always have to requiring modifications or guidance for daily routines can be a difficult change to process. It may feel as if this shift has been approaching incrementally through the years. Over […]

Weathering Worrisome Weather: Seasonal Storms and In-Home Care

Florida is no stranger to storms, especially this time of year. When alerts go out and watches are put into place, recommendations to prepare, or even evacuate, can become widespread. Now that we are officially in hurricane season, a watchful eye should be kept on the weather and possible weather-related threats. Aqua Home Care closely […]

Avoiding Heatstroke: Signs and Safety

Here in Florida the summer months offer us longer days, seasonal activities and visiting family members looking to enjoy all that our state has to offer. While our tropical climate is known for warmer weather year round, the rising heat this time of year means taking additional safety measures. As we enter the months that […]