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In-Home Care: The Option Allowing Individuals to Age in Place

For generations, aging adults in need of daily living support have been able to remain home near family members who took on the role of caregiver. While in-home care is far from being a new concept, today’s amenities do help ease the weight on families while enabling those without nearby loved ones to receive services […]

Services that Support and Prevent Through this Cold and Flu Season

Tis the season when many bask in holiday excitement, the arrival of relatives and loved ones from afar, and the cooling of temperatures that add to the feeling of seasonal joy. It is also the season, however, when certain illnesses, such as the cold and flu, are increasingly reported. Bacteria and viruses can spread via […]

Happy Thanksgiving From Our Aqua Home Care Family to Yours

Special occasions that are steeped in tradition with celebrations and the gathering of loved ones are often held closest in our hearts. It is during these moments that memories are shared around the table, updates on new personal endeavors are announced and heart-warming feelings are felt among all. It is no wonder that times like […]

A Season of Gratitude with Aqua Home Care

The season of giving thanks is upon us once again and many can be found readying their homes for impending guests, purchasing fine foods fit for a feast, and taking time to reflect upon and express gratitude. With much to do before this week’s annual celebration, many local stores will be bustling as shoppers scramble […]

The Comforting Option of Home

With each passing generation, the long-held saying “home, sweet home” has stood strong. The idea of home resonates uniquely for everyone, though for those who find it to be a place of comfort, solace and warmth, home is indeed very sweet. Being able to live in such a space for as long as possible can […]

Diabetes and In-Home Care

American Diabetes Month is observed each November, shining a spotlight on a disease that impacts millions of individuals. According to the CDC, over thirty-four million Americans (more than one in ten) are living with diabetes while eighty-eight million American adults (about one in three) have prediabetes. Ideally the human body will effectively regulate blood sugar […]

Services for Those Who Have Served: Support, Care and Honor for Our Veterans

Today, we as Americans take time to honor the veterans who have served in our United States military. Across the country people will see flags being flown, remembrances being shared and dedications being made. Respect is given and freedom is enjoyed as we thank those who gave, risked and sacrificed on our behalf. It is […]

Client Advocacy from Caregivers who Truly Care

It can be very overwhelming when you don’t feel heard. Feelings of frustration and defeat when it seems no one is listening and feelings of abandon when no one is near to offer support are real and warranted. Speaking up is necessary to ensure needs are met, comfort levels are respected and concerns are taken […]

Alzheimer’s Disease: Raising Awareness to Recognize, Educate and Support

November is Alzheimer’s Awareness Month, and during this time communities, health organizations, caregivers and their families come together to share the most current information, support one another, raise awareness and raise funding for further research of this disease. Alzheimer’s is the most common form of dementia and it impacts hundreds of thousands of new individuals […]

Welcome Back: Care Upon Your Return Home to the Sunshine State

  The temperatures are dropping, and with that many are planning to return to their Florida homes for the wintry months. Receding from colder weather is a common reason why individuals choose to spend the winter season in a more tropical atmosphere. Dipping temperatures, icy roads and frequent snowfalls aren’t for everyone, and many travel […]