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Safety and Stability: Reducing Fall Concerns with In-Home Care

Fall injuries are sustained by older adults on a daily basis, so this type of accident remains a leading concern among aging individuals and their families. While not all falls lead to major complications, commonly reported injuries have included sprains, bone fractures and head traumas. Fall risk varies from person to person, though aging can […]

Fall Injuries: Knowing Your Risk

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, older adults face a greater threat than other age groups when it comes to the likelihood of sustaining a fall-related injury. In fact, individuals who are of advanced age are treated in emergency rooms for fall injuries on a daily basis. Since approximately three million fall […]

Care and Travel: Finding Personal Care Services During Your Stay in Florida

Whether a routine visitor to the Sunshine State or a year-round resident, it is well-known that Florida receives numerous visitors throughout the year. In fact, recent figures show that $122.4 million people visited Florida in 2021, which is actually less than in previous years. The number may or may not surprise you, but it is […]

Continued Routines for Wellness with Support at Home

Health maintenance is important at every life stage, and building a strong foundation that supports prolonged health can make all the difference in older adulthood. As the years pass and we advance in age, doctor’s visits may become more frequently required, various medications may be prescribed and the body starts to experience sarcopenia, or muscle […]

Scheduling Services: How Much Care Do You Need?

Once you have determined that in-home care would be a beneficial part of your or your loved one’s life, our Aqua Home Care team is here to help guide you along your journey toward a positive care experience. We specialize in developing tailored care plans that meets individual needs and schedules. Caregivers are referred from […]

End-of-Life Care with Compassionate, Supportive Services

Discussing end-of-life care is a delicate, sensitive matter. Having to consider service options for a loved one nearing the end of their life is, understandably, an emotional experience. This type of support refers to care services for individuals who are facing terminal circumstances. During this time, services that promote comfort and quality of life in […]

Aging and Advancing Nutritional Needs

Maintaining good health plays a substantial role when it comes to longevity and quality of life. Ensuring that your body receives all of the nourishment that is necessary for it to thrive requires daily mindfulness and an understanding of your own personal health needs. When nutritional deficiencies occur there can be noticeable differences in the […]

Accommodating Changes: Care that Adjusts to Fit Your Life

Change occurs throughout life, whether in a manner that feels like floating in a stream of steady calm or in one that equates to a river of rapid waters. Whether gradual or fast-paced, life events can shape and shift us, and as we change our needs may change as well. Necessities can evolve, and this […]

Both Here and There: Care When Away from Home

When daily living assistance is needed, receiving quality care services right at home boasts benefits that truly enhance everyday living. With a trusted caregiver and familiar surroundings, individuals are able to experience the best of both worlds. There are times, however, when being admitted to a hospital or a rehabilitation center truly is the best […]

Multiple Sclerosis: Raising Awareness and Providing Support

Throughout March, awareness for multiple sclerosis is raised to help educate individuals about this disease, to advocate for further research and to support those affected. Multiple sclerosis (MS) is an autoimmune disease that affects the central nervous system, and it has been diagnosed in millions of people worldwide. MS causes the protective insulation that surrounds […]