Care Providers


Weather Watching: Navigating Peak Hurricane Season with Aqua Home Care

Mid-August through mid-October brings months of being especially alert and on guard when it comes to seasonal weather impacts. The 2022 peak hurricane season is upon us, and while the state of Florida has been in the clear thus far we remain watchful for these intense storms. Weather experts continue to monitor for storm development, […]

Compatible and Comfortable: Thoughtful Caregiver Referrals

Finding a personal caregiver requires much thought, and understandably the process may feel a bit overwhelming. With consideration to personal care needs, scheduling, compatibility and more, you want to be sure that you or your loved one is in the care of a trusted, reliable, compassionate source of support. Fortunately with Aqua Home Care, the […]

Living Life: More Milestone Moments with In-Home Care

Life is filled with moments that range on a scale of bitter to sweet, and certainly some do fall in the very middle. It is no wonder why, through times of hardship and times of wonder, we want to be near those closest to our hearts. For many, a great fear is no longer having […]

Long Term Care Insurance

Planning ahead for future care can help ease financial stress when daily living services become necessary. There are multiple ways to go about saving for such circumstances, including the option of long term care insurance. The cost of receiving care services is on the rise and is only expected to increase in the coming years. […]

Care You Can Count On: Quality and Consistency with Aqua Home Care

The element of surprise can be quite a treat. We naturally welcome happy announcements, unexpected gifts, and positive turns of events. On the other hand, not all surprises come bearing upbeat circumstances, and sometimes we need consistency in our lives in order to feel a sense of stability and security. Impacts from injuries, aging, health […]

In-Home Care: Services Supporting Both Client and Home

It collects and piles up until particles in the air and thin layers on surfaces can be seen. Before you know it, dust both settles and takes residence all around your home. Grime, mold and mildew are other common household culprits that are less than appealing and less than sanitary. Living in cleanly surroundings is […]

Types of Care Providers: Conscientious Referrals for the Care You Need

Receiving care at home is a very personal experience, and one that should be personalized based on each individual. Assessing care needs, tailoring care plans and referring caregivers is something our Aqua Home Care team approaches with mindful consideration. Individuals seeking support at home may be wondering which type of care provider is best able […]

Where Care is Needed: Bedside Support in Facility Settings

Sometimes, a hospital or a rehabilitation center truly is the best option when it comes to requiring specific treatment. While duration of stay varies from person to person, the uneasy feeling of being in an unfamiliar place is quite commonly shared. In these circumstances, you may find that you or your loved one must be […]

Cataract Awareness and Support from Your In-Home Caregiver

While eye health is important all year long, August shines a special light on cataract awareness. Typically found in aging adults or those who have experienced an eye injury, cataracts form when proteins and fibers in the eye’s lens break down. This process happens over the span of years, and individuals will notice changes in […]