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Hurricane Ian: Plans and Protocol Before, During and After the Storm

Hurricane Ian made landfall over the southwest coast of Florida Wednesday afternoon as a category 4, bringing devastating conditions to several areas from high winds and catastrophic storm surge. The aftermath has many facing impacts from flooding, debris, downed power lines, uprooted trees, and building collapse. Millions remain without power as Ian continues inland through […]

Supervision for Wellbeing with Aqua Home Care

For individuals living with conditions that impact memory, managing everyday tasks and activities can be quite difficult. Alzheimer’s disease, dementia, head injuries and more can produce symptoms and behaviors that inhibit physical safety. While some effects can be managed by medications, daily support is often needed at home to ensure safety and wellbeing. Wandering, fall […]

Caring for Your Loved One (And Yourself) with Respite Care

As the saying goes, you can’t pour from an empty cup. When someone we love finds themselves in need of support with activities of daily living, it is only natural to want to help them as much as possible. From morning routines to nightly rituals, there is a wide-range of tasks, movements, and chores that […]

Together “Fur-ever”: In-Home Care and Pet Owners

Its a stance pet owners often adamantly proclaim: pets are family. It isn’t difficult to understand why as the joy a pet brings into a home can be both seen and felt in the laughter brought on by their silliness, the calm of their presence and the warmth of their unconditional love. Pets who are […]

Managing Specific Care Needs with Aqua Home Care

When conditions that impede activities of daily living are present, having a strong support system can make all the difference. In some cases, managing specific care needs requires a degree of assistance. Knowing that a trusted professional who truly cares is nearby can help ease concerns and bring peace of mind. While family may not […]

Home Advantage: The Perks of Home with In-Home Care

In the realm of sports it has been said that players tend to perform better in their own arenas versus when they visit others. It isn’t hard to see the reasoning, as one would imagine familiar surroundings are conducive to higher levels of comfortability and confidence. The home advantage can be seen in other areas […]

Expanding Office Locations: Serving More Areas to Meet the Increasing Need for In-Home Care

In-home care is a well sought-after option for individuals wishing to continue living in their own homes while receiving the daily living support they need. A growing demand for these services remains in effect as many are opting to stay in their personal surroundings when care becomes necessary. Privacy, limiting exposure to health-related hazards, comfortability, […]

Alzheimer’s Disease and Care at Home

Alzheimer’s is a neurodegenerative disease that impacts hundreds of thousands of new individuals each year. With Alzheimer’s, areas of the brain responsible for thought-processing, behavior and memory are affected, along with the neuron’s ability to carry messages to different parts of the brain. When the neurons that carry these messages are unable to send important signals, […]

Top-Notch In Home Care Services, Aqua comes to The Villages, FL

Aqua Home Care is the right choice for people looking for experienced health care providers. The company is focused on providing a wide range of high-quality, cost-effective home care services to individuals in Southern Florida. Aqua offers the highest quality in home care services. With a team of dedicated and highly trained members, the company […]