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Happy New Year from Aqua Home Care

As we spend the remaining hours of 2022 enjoying festivities, relishing time with friends and family, and reflecting on the past year, we take into account the many experiences, trials, accomplishments and meaningful moments that have shaped us these last twelve months. Alongside reminiscing, we look ahead toward a whole new year of wonder and […]

Live-In Care

Care needs vary from person to person, and some activities of daily living may require more support to complete than others. Living alone, residing far away from family, or even living with someone who may not be able to provide daily assistance can raise anxiety about who will there when aid is needed most. Whether […]

Merry Christmas from Aqua Home Care

Near and far around the globe, many are spending this morning reveling in timeless traditions and embracing the joy of the Christmas spirit. With it also being the coldest Christmas morning in decades, Floridians are experiencing a version of a winter wonderland – minus the snow, of course. Here at Aqua Home Care, we would […]

Traditions, Togetherness and Time at Home this Holiday Season

Its the time of year for family, dear friends, gatherings, giving and reminiscing on fond memories of celebrations past. While there is much that makes us stop and think back upon this time of year, there is also much to prepare. Many can be found perusing the aisles of the supermarket, bakery, and deli in […]

Colder Temps and the Warmth of Care at Home

With weather changes bringing in colder temperatures this time of year, staying warm in the familiar surroundings of home is a true comfort. As cooler winds blow, favorite cozy corners of the house are revisited and heavier blankets are pulled from storage. Cups of coffee, tea and cocoa are brewed with anticipation of their warmth. […]

Managing Daily Routines with In-Home Care

Our daily routines provide a sense of order amidst all of the changes that come along in life. They keep us centered on what we need to do each day to maintain our bodies and our minds. Well-established routines are performed without much thought, as many rituals become second-nature. In the event of illness, injury, […]

Public Places and Personal Care: Safety and Support

Its a bustling time of year when Florida welcomes back part-time residents and vacationers alike. This influx in combination with a season of festivities have roadways, shopping plazas, department stores and grocery stores especially filled with people. Shopping for holiday necessities, participating in local events, visiting various venues, and traveling to destinations around the state […]

Aging and Safe Driving: Older Driver Safety Awareness Week

It’s Older Driver Safety Awareness Week, and during this time an emphasis is placed on the importance of safe driving for aging adults. Aging impacts key factors that play a vital role in one’s ability to get behind the wheel. As the years go by, senses of hearing and vision, movement and range of motion, […]

Proactive Over Reactive: Foresight for Quality Care

Though there is no way to know about every event in life before it happens, some measures can be taken to help steady the course and veer toward desired results. Planning ahead to avoid certain outcomes, having strategies in place, and building a system of support are proactive steps that can steer us in the […]

A Season of Good Health: Handwashing Awareness Week

The beginning of December hosts National Handwashing Awareness week, and what better time than when germ exposure is high. With shoppers out and about collecting items for the holidays, partygoers gathering at venues for seasonal celebrations, and travelers flying and driving to enjoy the Florida winter, stores, restaurants and even homes can be quite crowded. […]