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Lowering Hospital Readmission Rates with Care at Home

Receiving discharge papers from a hospital can feel quite relieving. Whether the stay was short-lived or weeks were spent under observation, getting the all-clear to go home is a triumph. Unfortunately in some cases, there are individuals who find themselves reentering these facilities not long after leaving. Hospital readmission refers to patients who have been […]

For Your Comfort: Professional Care for Personal Care Routines

Celebrating National Centenarian's Day with Exceptional 24/7 Care

The transition from independent living to requiring daily living support can bring about a range of questions and concerns, and a common concern revolves around intimate care routines. While some individuals prefer and feel comfortable with family members offering support with such tasks, others may not feel as comfortable. The reverse can also be true […]

Finding Added Support through Hospital Stays with Aqua Home Care

Though its a scenario most try to prevent, being admitted into a hospital isn’t always avoidable.  Hospital admission follows a matter pressing enough to warrant medical attention over a period of time. So, while not always pleasant, it can be the best option. Whether a procedure is needed, an illness arises or an injury occurs, […]

Daily Motions: Managing Movement with Mobility Support

Movement is part of daily life, whether its simple maneuverings or more involved motions. Walking steadily, reaching for objects safely, and standing and sitting stably are all common gross motor movements that can be impeded by certain conditions and mobility limitations. Mobility aids are often used in situations where range of motion is compromised to […]

Fine Motor: A Helping Hand with Daily Tasks

Every time we fasten the buttons on our clothing, tie the laces on our shoes, grasp the handle of a coffee mug, turn the doorknob to enter or exit a room, hold a pen to write a list, and much, much more, we are using our fine motor skills to do so. While we may […]

Essential Care Services for Chronic Conditions

Pursuing in-home care is a venture taken for various, personal reasons. For many, services are sought when assistance is needed to complete activities of daily living. Main activities include bathing, dressing, toileting, transferring in and out of a bed or a chair, eating, and continence, though in-home care can certainly offer much more. Not all […]

Celebrating at Home with Aqua Home Care

Times of celebration often brings families and loved ones together to share in conversations, laughter and happiness. While the year is certainly sprinkled with reasons to celebrate, one day in particular makes a special toast to having spent another year around the sun. On this day wishes are made with hopeful candles atop a birthday […]

Vision Loss and In-Home Care Services for Everyday Living

The world around us is filled with much stimulation, and one of the main ways we experience it is through our sense of sight. From taking a glance at our surroundings, navigating our vehicles and viewing the visual stimuli that is presented in everyday life, our eyes are constantly receiving information. One’s ability to see, […]

Start Your New Year with Aqua Home Care

Our Aqua Home Care team hopes that this new year finds you well and brings with it much reason to celebrate. The first page of a brand new year tends to speak to us about resolutions, goals, and awaited ventures. For some, there is the eager anticipation of returning to the familiar, simple joys of […]