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Through the Crowds: A Guiding Hand During the Busy Season

Memory Loss Senior Care

Our Sunshine State has welcomed a large number of incomers over the past few months. From the wintry holiday season and into the month of April, Florida has been bustling with a combination of locals, visitors and returning part-time residents. Capacities on roadways, in stores, at attractions, along beaches, in eateries and more have increased. […]

Support for Wellbeing: Memory Loss and In-Home Care

Memories hold the story of our lives. All of the lessons learned, mistakes made, achievements acquired, special moments shared, trips taken and friendships and family founded have shaped us into who we are today. Yet, even though these memories are intangible, they can be taken. Memory loss can occur for various reasons, and it is […]

Deciding Factors: Knowing When its Time to Call about In-Home Care

With all of the benefits that having a personal care provider offers, it is no wonder more and more individuals are selecting this care option. Whether seeking to remain in familiar surroundings or looking for additional support in other settings, services are available around-the-clock. Having a dependable source of support always near also brings peace […]

Always a Priority: Personal Caregivers and One-On-One Care

Activities of Daily Living

When you’ve spent most of your life seeing to your own needs and completing your own everyday routines, its no surprise that you’re used to having those needs met on your own time. Whether waking up in the morning and feeling ready to get out of bed, taking a relaxing shower, preparing meals when hungry, […]

Spring Cleaning: Enhancing Living Spaces and Improving Quality of Life

Though some cooler temperatures have lingered, the official spring season has begun.  Now is the time of year when many homeowners begin sifting and sorting through old household items, deciding which to keep and which to let go. Yards are being tidied as landscaping plans are put into place. Floors are getting cleared and mopped, […]

Nutritional Wellness: Aging and Avoiding Deficiencies

When health is compromised, there can be noticeable differences in the way our bodies function from day-to-day. Nutritional wellness plays a major role in regards to both health and quality of life. Though this is true for every age group, poor nutrition tends to affect individuals differently in later years. Older adults require less calories, […]

Up to 24 Hours a Day: Considerations when Arranging Your Care Needs Schedule

Once you have determined that in-home care would be a beneficial part of your or your loved one’s life, our Aqua Home Care team is here to guide you toward a positive care experience. We specialize in assessing care needs, developing tailored care plans, referring trusted providers, reviewing insurance documents, and more. Caregivers are referred […]

Accommodating Care Changes with Aqua Home Care

Its widely acknowledged that change is part of life. At times smaller shifts may feel similar to floating in a stream of calm, moving at a steady pace. On the other hand change can also be equated to rafting through a stretch of rapid waters. Whether gradual or fast-paced, life events can shape and shift […]

Fall Injuries and Preventative Measures with Aqua Home Care

Older adults are in a higher risk category for sustaining an injury from a fall. As fall injuries occur every day, this type of accident remains a leading concern among aging individuals and their families. While not all falls lead to major complications, commonly reported injuries have included sprains, bone fractures and head traumas. Fall risk […]

Fall Concerns: Knowing Your Risk

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, older adults face a greater risk than other age groups when it comes to the likelihood of sustaining a fall-related injury. In fact, individuals who are of advanced age are treated in emergency rooms for fall injuries on a daily basis. Since approximately three million fall […]