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Post-Injury Care: Healing with a Helping Hand

Bodily injuries can happen at any time and place, varying in both severity and in recovery time needed. While the physical injury itself must be treated first and foremost, sustaining an injury can take a toll not only physically, but emotionally and mentally as well. The impact this has on one’s daily life is dependent […]

Deciding Factors: Knowing When its Time to Call about In-Home Care

With all of the benefits that having a personal care provider offers, it is no wonder more and more individuals are selecting this care option. Whether seeking to remain in familiar surroundings or looking for additional support in other settings, services are available around-the-clock. Having a dependable source of support always near also brings peace […]

Fall Concerns: Knowing Your Risk

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, older adults face a greater risk than other age groups when it comes to the likelihood of sustaining a fall-related injury. In fact, individuals who are of advanced age are treated in emergency rooms for fall injuries on a daily basis. Since approximately three million fall […]

National Caregivers Day

The third Friday in February honors those who answer the call and who follow their calling to assist, guide and care for others in need of support. Providing personal care services is an essential role, and here in our community and across the nation caregivers go above and beyond to perform this important work. Being […]

Finding Added Support through Hospital Stays with Aqua Home Care

Though its a scenario most try to prevent, being admitted into a hospital isn’t always avoidable.  Hospital admission follows a matter pressing enough to warrant medical attention over a period of time. So, while not always pleasant, it can be the best option. Whether a procedure is needed, an illness arises or an injury occurs, […]

Happy New Year from Aqua Home Care

As we spend the remaining hours of 2022 enjoying festivities, relishing time with friends and family, and reflecting on the past year, we take into account the many experiences, trials, accomplishments and meaningful moments that have shaped us these last twelve months. Alongside reminiscing, we look ahead toward a whole new year of wonder and […]

Merry Christmas from Aqua Home Care

Near and far around the globe, many are spending this morning reveling in timeless traditions and embracing the joy of the Christmas spirit. With it also being the coldest Christmas morning in decades, Floridians are experiencing a version of a winter wonderland – minus the snow, of course. Here at Aqua Home Care, we would […]

Proactive Over Reactive: Foresight for Quality Care

Though there is no way to know about every event in life before it happens, some measures can be taken to help steady the course and veer toward desired results. Planning ahead to avoid certain outcomes, having strategies in place, and building a system of support are proactive steps that can steer us in the […]

Awareness for Alzheimer’s and Support from Aqua Home Care

Alzheimer’s disease is the most common form of dementia, and it continues to be diagnosed in hundreds of thousands of individuals each year. Classified as a neurodegenerative disease, Alzheimer’s affects the areas of the brain responsible for thought-processing, behavior and memory. It reduces the neuron’s ability to carry messages to different parts of the brain, and […]

Living Your Life with Care on Your Schedule

How you spend your day matters, and each moment of comfort and contentment is truly invaluable. Time that is spent in familiar surroundings, with loved ones, outdoors, or in happiness is precious, and living life in a way that brings you joy makes all the difference. When circumstances that impact daily living arise, however, life […]