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Independence and Support: Balancing Care to Meet Your Needs

As we all come to realize in life, adjusting to change is par the course. In regards to aging, physical, mental and emotional shifts are to be expected. Should these changes limit independence in any way, an understandable sense of loss may be felt. The idea of transitioning from independent living to requiring modifications or […]

Easter Greetings from Aqua Home Care

Easter traditions are well underway this Sunday morning. Gatherings at sunrise services, siftings through treat-filled baskets, and embarkments on yearly egg hunts are taking place. Other long-standing traditions will have many preparing grand meals and others dining at restaurants that feature brunch and dinner specials, all while conversing around the table over a large family […]

Spring Cleaning: Enhancing Living Spaces and Improving Quality of Life

Though some cooler temperatures have lingered, the official spring season has begun.  Now is the time of year when many homeowners begin sifting and sorting through old household items, deciding which to keep and which to let go. Yards are being tidied as landscaping plans are put into place. Floors are getting cleared and mopped, […]

Moving Parts: How Aqua Home Care Takes the Guesswork out of Finding Quality Support

The journey toward receiving quality services at home is a process of care and consideration. With all of the moving parts to sort through and set into place, having a trusted support system can make all the difference. Prospective clients want to be sure that the in-home care services they receive accommodates personal needs and […]

Heart Conditions and Support for Everyday Living

Heart conditions affect millions of people worldwide. In the United States alone, over thirty-million adults are living with heart disease. Whether presenting earlier in life or much later, heart conditions require following medical advice, making lifestyle changes, monitoring and taking measures to avoid complications. Such practices should also be followed in order to prevent a […]

Fine Motor: A Helping Hand with Daily Tasks

Every time we fasten the buttons on our clothing, tie the laces on our shoes, grasp the handle of a coffee mug, turn the doorknob to enter or exit a room, hold a pen to write a list, and much, much more, we are using our fine motor skills to do so. While we may […]

Happy New Year from Aqua Home Care

As we spend the remaining hours of 2022 enjoying festivities, relishing time with friends and family, and reflecting on the past year, we take into account the many experiences, trials, accomplishments and meaningful moments that have shaped us these last twelve months. Alongside reminiscing, we look ahead toward a whole new year of wonder and […]

Traditions, Togetherness and Time at Home this Holiday Season

Its the time of year for family, dear friends, gatherings, giving and reminiscing on fond memories of celebrations past. While there is much that makes us stop and think back upon this time of year, there is also much to prepare. Many can be found perusing the aisles of the supermarket, bakery, and deli in […]

Age in Place with Aqua Home Care

In years past, many family members took on the role of caregiver when aging loved ones found themselves in need of daily living support. With the demands of everyday life, however, it isn’t always possible for families to step in 24/7. Though in-home care is not a new concept, today’s options and amenities help ease […]

Diabetes Awareness: Types, Management and Support

Each November, the American Diabetes Association hosts Diabetes Awareness Month to encourage education, share resources, secure funding for research and show support. Throughout this month, focus is placed on raising awareness for diabetes and the impact it has on those affected. Its a disease that impacts millions of individuals in the United States alone, and […]