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Hurricane Ian: Plans and Protocol Before, During and After the Storm

Hurricane Ian made landfall over the southwest coast of Florida Wednesday afternoon as a category 4, bringing devastating conditions to several areas from high winds and catastrophic storm surge. The aftermath has many facing impacts from flooding, debris, downed power lines, uprooted trees, and building collapse. Millions remain without power as Ian continues inland through […]

Expanding Office Locations: Serving More Areas to Meet the Increasing Need for In-Home Care

In-home care is a well sought-after option for individuals wishing to continue living in their own homes while receiving the daily living support they need. A growing demand for these services remains in effect as many are opting to stay in their personal surroundings when care becomes necessary. Privacy, limiting exposure to health-related hazards, comfortability, […]

Long Term Care Insurance

Planning ahead for future care can help ease financial stress when daily living services become necessary. There are multiple ways to go about saving for such circumstances, including the option of long term care insurance. The cost of receiving care services is on the rise and is only expected to increase in the coming years. […]

In This Together: Co-Caring with Aqua Home Care

From our most impressionable years and perhaps well into adulthood, they remained the ones we looked up to and ran to when in need of comfort. They were our ultimate source of unconditional love and support, and the only natural choice when in need of advice matured by years of experience. The heart of the family unit […]

The Aqua Home Care Difference: Tailoring Plans for Customized Care

When seeking in-home care services, finding the best one-on-one care possible for you or your loved one makes all the difference. Receiving these services allows you the ability to stay in your own home with the support of a caregiver who is there to exclusively meet your daily living needs. Receiving support at home is a […]

Ill Intent and In-Home Care: Awareness and Finding Support You can Trust

Inviting a caregiver into your home may commence a period of adjustment, but you should feel comfortable and confident that you, or your loved one, are in trusted hands. Unfortunately, not every care experience is a positive one. Scammers and those with ill-intent are real issues, and this is a real concern for those seeking […]

Consultations for Care: Aqua Home Care’s Concierge Approach

When searching for care services at home, you want to be sure that you or your loved one receives the best support possible. Even further, you want to be sure that the care received isn’t based in one-size-fits-all thinking, that your caregiver has been mindfully referred and that someone is always available should questions arise […]

ALS: Awareness and Care at Home

Each May, widespread awareness is raised for a rare disease known in its abbreviated form as ALS. Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis is a progressive neurodegenerative disease that severely impacts the nervous system. This month, medical communities, families and organizations will be raising awareness to promote further research, advocate for loved ones, and support those affected. Those […]

More Time for Quality Time with In-Home Care

Throughout adulthood, our days become filled with the tasks and responsibilities that stem from work, family and home. Any major life changes such as illness, unexpected health issue and the impacts of aging can quickly pile on to our already filled plates, whether we are going through it first-hand or are providing care to a […]