Servicing Those who Have Served: Care at Home for Veterans


Today, November 11th, we honor the veterans who have served in our United States military. Across the country flags are being flown, remembrances are being shared and dedications are being made. Respect is given and freedom is enjoyed as America pays tribute to those who gave, risked and sacrificed on our behalf. It is with the sincerest of thanks that we at Aqua Home Care offer our gratitude. 

Honor, loyalty, commitment, bravery and sacrifice are well-known among those who have given so much for our country. While those who protect our freedoms are revered for their strength and dedication, we understand that even the strongest may find themselves in need of care. We also understand that not everyone who retires from service does so without lasting effects. Sometimes, assistance may be necessary in order to accomplish everyday living tasks. When this is the case, in-home care can be a favorable option that allows individuals to receive services right in the comfort of home. After serving on active duty military, veterans can enroll with the Department of Veterans Affairs to see which medical benefits they are eligible to receive. Benefits vary, so it is important to provide and gather all necessary information.

Here at Aqua Home Care, we have had the pleasure of working with veterans in need of quality services at home and have referred trusted caregivers from our registry. We have assessed many individuals with varying degrees of care needs related and unrelated to their time in the armed forces, and we understand the costs that come with requiring such care. We encourage those who have served to inquire about VA benefits as some care costs may be covered. Each individual case is reviewed to determine benefits. Those living with severe disabilities as a result of their time in service could be eligible for the most benefits at lower costs, for example. Other considerations are made based on factors that include less severe disabilities and income.

If you and/or your spouse is a veteran of the United States military, you may be eligible to receive in-home care services at a lower cost through the VA. Some individuals may even combine coverage through veteran’s benefits and other health insurance to obtain the lowest cost. Those who sacrifice to protect our country are heroes, and here at Aqua Home Care we are proud to assist in any way we can to find the care they need and deserve. For veterans seeking information regarding benefits, the website has information, applications and resources regarding benefit eligibility.

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