Support that Follows: Care when Away from Home

There are times when being admitted to a hospital or a rehabilitation center truly is the best option when it comes to requiring specific treatment. Length of stay is a variable, though feeling uneasy in an unfamiliar place is quite common. When faced with these circumstances, you may find that you or your loved one must be in a hospital or other facility for quite some time, and there may not be someone who can be there for that duration. Having someone who will sit with you, listen, take notes and be a companion can make all the difference when away from home.

Here at Aqua Home Care, trusted caregivers from our registry provide their clients with quality support whether in their home or, when possible, while away receiving treatment at a facility. In some cases, clients are already receiving in-home care services when they find they must enter a hospital. At the client’s request, their caregiver can continue to be by their side during their stay. In other cases, individuals may request a caregiver who can be at their loved one’s side and provide support during a hospital stay. Whatever the situation may be, compassionate caregivers can help make your time away from home more comfortable by:

  • Offering support
  • Listening
  • Playing games
  • Taking notes
  • Relaying information to loved ones
  • Conversing
  • Offering meal assistance
  • Companionship
  • And more

Personal care isn’t always limited to one’s home. When the location changes, it is possible for support to follow. We have had the pleasure of seeing the special bonds that form between in-home care recipients and their caregivers over the years. When clients must leave their home, they often feel more comfortable having their caregiver be with them whenever possible while away. Others may not be receiving in-home care, but would benefit from having a compassionate caregiver visit with them at a hospital or rehabilitation center. Our Aqua Home Care team works to accommodate those in need of support in these situations. We understand the unease that can come from having to be away from the comforts of home, and that having someone by your side during that time can make a world of difference. For compassionate, trusted, reliable care, call our Aqua Home Care team. 

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