Cataract Awareness and Support from Your In-Home Caregiver

While eye health is important all year long, August shines a special light on cataract awareness. Typically found in aging adults or those who have experienced an eye injury, cataracts form when proteins and fibers in the eye’s lens break down. This process happens over the span of years, and individuals will notice changes in their vision. Blurriness or haziness will occur, impacting aspects of everyday life such as work, driving, reading, hobbies, personal care routines, and more. If left untreated, cataracts will eventually cause total blindness.

To avoid vision impairment and total vision loss, detecting and treating cataracts is key. Maintaining routine visits with an eye doctor is imperative for continuous eye health. Managing eye-related issues early on can help and, when it comes to cataracts, treatments are available. Eye specialists may recommend removing the cloudy lens via an outpatient procedure, and implant an artificial lens in its place. Individuals are often able to return to their usual activities within days of their cataract surgery.

Those receiving in-home care may further benefit from having a caregiver who can assist with transportation to eye doctor’s appointments and after-surgery support. In some cases, caregivers may even notice vision changes in their clients. Here at Aqua Home Care, we refer trusted caregivers who go above and beyond for those in their care. Vision changes and vision loss tend to occur with age-related issues, and experienced caregivers from our registry see to the daily living needs of their clients who are dealing with these changes. From driving to appointments to providing recovery assistance, in-home caregivers are invaluable sources of support.

Any changes to your vision should be reported to a medical professional as soon as possible. Blurred or hazy vision can be associated with a variety of causes. In some cases, cataracts may be suspected. A doctor will help determine the cause and plan a course for treatment. In honor of Cataract Awareness Month, our Aqua Home Care team reminds and encourages you to keep routine appointments with your eye care provider and seek medical attention should vision changes occur. Should quality care services at home from a trusted caregiver be needed, our team is here to guide, assess, refer and support.


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