In-Home Care and Companionship

When thinking about in-home care, you may picture this service strictly for those needing assistance to meet their daily living needs, whether minimally or more significantly. Those requiring a skilled hand to help with injuries, meals, grooming and walking often seek in-home care as a way to receive aide in their own surroundings. While in-home care certainly provides individuals with such supports, many are seeking these services for another reason entirely: companionship.

During our years of referring in-home care services to residents of the Treasure Coast and surrounding areas, we at Aqua Home Care have noticed a growing need among prospective in-home care recipients. Inquiries regarding in-home care for those in need of companionship have been on the rise, and we are happy to help. We understand that in life circumstances change and new ones are put in place, and we want you to know that you are not alone. Those seeking companionship for themselves or a family member come from many different backgrounds and living situations, including:

Those who have lost a spouse and are living alone – This is a difficult adjustment and a big life change. Some may find there isn’t anyone who can be there during this time. Someone who can be there during this transition to talk, listen, help with household tasks, go with you on outings and more may be comforting.

Those who feel anxious – This can make social situations very challenging and can inhibit a person from such interactions and even daily activities (shopping, appointments, etc.) You may find it comforting to have someone to listen, talk with and provide companionship in the comfort of your own home or when out in social settings.

Those concerned about their loved one who lives far away  If a parent or elderly loved one is living here on the Treasure Coast or surrounding areas and you do not live nearby, you may not be able to check in on them as much as you would like. You may find it reassuring to know someone is there to provide companionship.

Those with few or no friends/family close by – This situation can be very lonely, and often occurs when loved ones move away or you have moved someplace new.

Those who have difficulty driving to visit family or to social events – Driving independently may become difficult or impossible for many reasons and can make getting to social gatherings very troublesome. You may find yourself feeling stuck in your house. Along with someone to provide you company, we can find caregiver who offers transportation as a service option as well.

Those who feel isolated – This feeling can be generated for a variety of reasons. You may find it helpful to have someone who can be there to talk, listen and help you get around town.

Those who have difficulty communicating – Communication is a key component when building friendships, but this can be inhibited if, for whatever reason, communication is difficult. Someone to understand and talk with however you feel comfortable may be helpful.

And more

You or your loved one may be in a situation where a listening ear, compassionate heart and a gentle hand is needed. We have had individuals reach out about their loved ones while others have inquired on their own behalf. If you find yourself in need of companionship, our team at Aqua Home Care is here to find the support you need.

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