National Caregivers Day

The third Friday in February honors those who answer the call and who follow their calling to assist, guide and care for others in need of support. Providing personal care services is an essential role, and here in our community and across the nation caregivers go above and beyond to perform this important work. Being present through the physical and the emotional aspects of caring for another requires consistency, compassion, skill, and genuine concern for wellbeing. This National Caregiver’s Day, we want to express our sincere thanks to caregivers who dedicate their time, who open their hearts and who, through their efforts, provide not only care services, but hope as well.

Here’s to every moment spent helping another, to every hour spent learning and honing your skill, to each fear subsided with your presence, and to the impact made through every act of kindness shown to those in your care.  Words can hardly express what your support means to the lives of the individuals who rely on your knowledge, strength and dependability. Thank you for showing up every day to provide the services needed for daily living. Even more so, you offer peace of mind through companionship, compassion and commitment. Thank you for the time, the energy, and the dedication it takes to do what you do in a way that exudes expertise, skill and heart. You are essential now and will be essential always.

Here at Aqua Home Care, we see firsthand the difference made in the lives of the in-home care recipients who are guided and supported each day by trusted professionals. Your commitment to quality care improves quality of life for those receiving services. From providing assistance with everyday routines, supervising for safety, and being a source of calm and companionship, our deepest appreciation goes to you and everything you do as a caregiver. In honor of National Caregiver’s Day, we shine a light on caregivers and the essential role they take on for the wellbeing of others. We appreciate you and we thank you today and all year long.


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