Signs your Loved One may Need Daily Support

We all want what is best for those we love. Knowing that the health, happiness, safety and well-being of our loved ones are all in good standing brings reassurance and peace of mind. Still, changing circumstances, life events and simply aging can alter how well one can manage daily living with full independence. It’s during times like these that paying close attention to the needs of those we care for and how well they are able to meet those needs is so important. Sometimes providing additional everyday help is required in order to complete daily routines and maintain wellness.

With Aqua Home Care, families seeking in-home care support for their loved ones benefit from utilizing our quality services. We specialize in matching caregivers who are compassionate, highly-trained, experienced and professional with those in need of care. We understand that it may be difficult to know for sure when someone you love is in need of assistance, especially if not living in the same house. Some warning signs to be mindful of when considering in-home care include:


  • Increased forgetfulness
  • Wandering
  • Missed medications
  • Poor self-care
  • Unkempt surroundings
  • Unexplained weight loss
  • Irritability or aggression toward others
  • Limited mobility when moving around the house
  • Confusion
  • Disorientation
  • Increase in accidents/falls around the house
  • Unpaid bills
  • Driving difficulties
  • Concerning behaviors


While any one of these signs by itself may raise some level of concern, it can be more worrisome when seen in combination with others. Seeking medical advice is always recommended when sudden changes in behavior or physical changes arise. Consulting with a doctor allows for further investigation into the source of the issue along with a diagnosis. When daily living aid is needed, Aqua Home Care is ready to serve, support and search for the care your loved one needs and deserves. Keeping those you love near while they receive in-home care that effectively meets their everyday needs offers a feeling of calm and sense of relief for all. For quality service and peace of mind, call Aqua Home Care.

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