Stability and Mobility: Safe Maneuverings with Aqua Home Care

Moving about one’s home is a routine venture. With its layout so mapped and ingrained, many claim they can perform a walkthrough with their eyes closed. Despite this familiarity, however, having the stability to maneuver in a safe, steady manner makes a great difference. Traveling from room to room, avoiding fall hazards, going up and down steps, etc. can be made more difficult with certain factors in play. Sometimes, remaining balanced, mobile and securely-footed is compromised by medications, injuries, limited range of motion, and health conditions. Pain and discomfort may also be experienced when trying to move around, making it more difficult to transition from one space to another.

In-home caregivers from our Aqua Home Care registry go above and beyond to meet the needs of their clients. Care recipients rely on their caregivers for support whether it be throughout the day or during the night, and they can rest easy knowing a trusted professional is always nearby. Our team refers caregivers who are highly-trained with the skillsets required for aiding individuals with a variety of care needs, including those who would benefit from mobility support. Ensuring safety, comfort and stability, compassionate caregivers help their clients navigate their surroundings in order to complete tasks, tend to routines and get to where they need to go. With this care option, care recipients receive:

  • Guidance
  • Supervision
  • Monitoring for trip hazards
  • Clearing walkways around the home
  • Mobility assistance in the home and outdoors
  • Support when standing/sitting
  • Support with repositioning
  • Assistance with personal care routines

When a guiding hand is needed to move about safely and securely, our Aqua Home Care team is here to help. Caregivers we refer remain vigilant, placing the wellbeing of their clients as their top priority. Aging, illness, injury, and other life changes play major roles in the body’s ability to function optimally and independent of support. With this understanding, our team is committed to referring only the best during these transitions. For trusted, reputable, compassionate in-home care, Aqua Home Care is here, ready and waiting for your call.



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