Fall Injuries and Preventative Measures with Aqua Home Care

Support, trust and help from caregiver or nurse walking with senior man or patient in retirement home with healthcare insurance. Hands of female medical worker and alzheimers male with hospice care

Older adults are in a higher risk category for sustaining an injury from a fall. As fall injuries occur every day, this type of accident remains a leading concern among aging individuals and their families. While not all falls lead to major complications, commonly reported injuries have included sprains, bone fractures and head traumas. Fall risk varies from person to person, though aging can bring about risk factors that increase the probability of falling. Assistance may be necessary to maintain one’s safety. When there is a cause for concern, support is available to help guide those seeking routine care services.

At Aqua Home Care, the value of taking precaution is not underestimated. We refer experienced, compassionate providers who offer one-to-one personal support and supervision. Safety and well-being are a top priority, and having a trusted care professional nearby helps reduce one’s likelihood of experiencing avoidable injuries. Many accidents do take place right at home, though caregivers are able to implement safety strategies while indoors or when out and about by:

  • Ensuring that the floor is clear of clutter
  • Offering a steady support for balancing
  • Retrieving mobility aids when needed
  • Being mindful of tripping hazards such as area rugs, steps, wires/cords, large sidewalk cracks, wet floors, unsteady furniture/furniture low in height, etc.
  • Drying spills and water from bathroom floors
  • Providing mobility assistance and supervision 
  • Ensuring areas of the home are well-lit and providing guidance when outdoors in non-well-lit areas
  • Assisting with standing, sitting, getting in/out of bed or shower and when using the facilities
  • Helping select proper footwear
  • And more

Falls can, and do, occur around the clock. As such, taking precautions to prevent them is a daily practice in personal safety. Should a fall injury be sustained, there are care options available that don’t require packing a suitcase. Receiving in-home care services means being able to continue living life right in the comfort of home. Falling is preventable and can be avoided when proper measures are put into place. Our Aqua Home Care team is here to help make this possible by referring trusted caregivers who meet their client’s personal care needs while consistently monitoring for safety and stability. 

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