Live-in Care

The range of care needs varies from person to person. Depending on one’s situation, abilities and limitations, it is helpful to find an in-home caregiver who is both flexible and consistent when it comes to availability. Living alone, being far away from family or even living with someone who may not be able to provide daily assistance can cause anxiety about who will there when support is needed. Whether injury, age related issues, illness or other condition are making it difficult to function independently throughout the day and even through the night, there are options available to make living at home more comfortable and less stressful.


Here at Aqua Home Care, we refer caregivers with availability from hourly all the way to live-in care.  Individuals have the option of having a trusted, highly-trained caregiver provide the services they need day and night. From morning routines to evening regimens, someone will always be there to accommodate and offer support. Benefits of live-in care include having continual assistance with:

  • Getting out of bed in the morning
  • Bathing
  • Personal grooming
  • Moving throughout the house
  • Medication reminders
  • Running errands
  • Transportation
  • House cleaning and upkeep
  • Meal preparation
  • Pet and plant care
  • Getting into bed at night
  • Monitoring and supervision throughout the day and night

Live-in care is designed to allow those who require round the clock care to have their needs met right in the comfort of their own homes. Clients and their families receive peace of mind knowing that someone is always there. If you have a loved one who would benefit from in-home care services, please do not hesitate to call. With experience and compassion, Aqua Home Care is here to find the support you need from sun up until sun down and every hour in between.

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Michele Green
Vero Beach

Aqua Home Care employs great office staff whom are very responsive.
I had a great experience.

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