Spring Cleaning: In-Home Care that Offers Support for Personal Needs and Personal Surroundings

The spring season is upon us, and this time of year typically springs many homeowners into action as they sift through old household items, sort piles labeled “keep” and “toss”, and embark on tidying each space. Floors are cleared and mopped, batteries are checked and changed, and every room is surveyed with careful intent. Spring is a time for renewal, and a thorough upkeeping brings a refreshing feel throughout one’s home. With everyday activity and typical wear and tear, heavy housecleaning is needed now and then, and with a season often associated with new beginnings, homes near and far are getting special treatment.

We at Aqua Home Care understand the positive impact that a clean, tidy and well-organized living space can have on those who call it home. In recognizing these benefits, we help those seeking in-home care find the services they need to keep not only themselves well-cared for, but their dwellings well-cared for as well. Clean surroundings offer a calmer, more accessible atmosphere. In-home caregivers from our registry compassionately meet their client’s personal care needs, and housecleaning services are available for those who would like to further enhance their care plan. Housecleaning tasks can include:

  • Disinfecting surfaces
  • Dusting
  • Mopping and vacuuming
  • Laundry
  • Changing linens
  • Organizing
  • Removing clutter from walking areas
  • Cleaning bathrooms
  • Cleaning behind appliances and under furniture
  • Sweeping
  • Changing old batteries
  • Assistance calling for plumbing, electric or outside maintenance services

It is a time for new beginnings, both in nature and in the lives of those living among it. Tidying up living spaces is one way individuals embrace the spring season as they enjoy the freshness it brings to their surroundings. For those requiring daily support at home this season and all year round, our Aqua Home Care team is here to match individuals with compassionate caregivers from our reputable registry. In-home care allows those in need of everyday living assistance to receive the services they require right in the comfort of their own home. This care can also extend to the client’s home, further enhancing one’s living conditions. For in-home care that serves client and home, call Aqua Home Care today.


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