Family Ties: Remaining Near Loved Ones with Aqua Home Care

Spending time with those we love most helps to builds bonds, make memories and forge foundations. Days spent with loved ones eating home-cooked meals, sharing stories and celebrating life events are just a few ways to strengthen the ties that bind. When one member of the family finds themselves in need of daily living care, however, other family members may be left to ponder how to provide needed support and where to turn to for help. For many, the thought of having to move away from home and those they cherish to enter a care facility can be anxiety inducing. Family members, along with the individual facing such a prospect, may find themselves worrying about spending less time together, not being present for special occasions and, of course, leaving behind a household filled with favorite pastimes.

Here at Aqua Home Care, we take great pride in helping families stay together and keeping those in need of daily care in their own homes for as long as possible. An alternative to nursing facilities, we refer trusted in-home caregivers who bring quality services right to their client’s door. With this option, individuals are able to receive the support they need right in the comfort of home. Families are able to enjoy visiting in a familiar environment, and in-home care recipients are able to enjoy the convenience of being in their own personal surroundings. With compassion and experience, in-home caregivers are able to help relieve the stress from clients and their families by offering services that include:

  • Personal care – grooming, showering, bathing, dressing, using the facilities, oral hygiene, changing bandages, etc.
  • Mobility assistance – support with standing up, sitting down, getting in and out of bed, walking around the house or outdoors
  • Heavy housecleaning – laundry, dishes, cleaning behind appliances and under furniture, mopping, vacuuming, cleaning bathrooms, changing linens, etc.
  • Supervision – ensuring client is safe at all times, monitoring for changes in behavior, preventing wandering
  • Transportation – safely driving client to appointments or to run errands along with other places around town
  • Meal preparation – preparing meals and ensuring food is cooked and stored properly, offering feeding assistance if needed
  • Medication reminders – offering reminders to take medications as scheduled and as directed
  • Companionship – being there to talk, listen, or simply be a comforting presence
  • And more

There is peace of mind in knowing that someone you can trust is providing the support your loved one needs right in their own home. Receivers of in-home care and their families can enjoy spending quality time with one another without the hassle of visiting hours, a rotation of caregivers, sharing personal space and feeling limited in ways to enjoy time together. When daily support is necessary, know that our Aqua Home Care team makes it our priority to find the quality care individuals need and deserve to stay right where they are most comfortable while continuing to enjoy all the amenities of home. For more quality time with quality care, please give Aqua Home Care a call today. 

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