Fine Motor: Daily Support for Daily Tasks


They are seemingly simple tasks, perhaps easily taken for granted, yet these moments help us through each day. Every time we fasten the buttons on our clothing, tie the laces on our shoes, grasp the coffee mug handle, turn the doorknob to enter or exit a room, hold a pen to write a list and much, much more, we are using our fine motor skills to do so. Fine motor skills are the ability to coordinate the small muscles in our hands and wrists. This involves synchronization between the brain and muscles, and it begins to develop during infancy. As numerous, repetitive tasks require the use of these skills on a daily basis, they aren’t typically given much thought. That is, unless, the ability to complete such tasks are impeded by fine motor limitations.

A variety of conditions can cause one to experience fine motor difficulties. Muscle weakness, arthritis, neurological injuries, dyspraxia, nervous system disorders, and other issues can cause fine motor impairment, so it is important to seek medical advice to help determine the source. Fine motor functioning is monitored early in life for delays and milestone achievement. However, individuals with underlying conditions may experience issues in adulthood.

Here at Aqua Home Care, we believe in quality services that support overall health and wellness. Trusted caregivers we refer have the experience, patience, knowledge, compassion and skill to provide the care their clients need. When it comes to daily living, many tasks involve some level of fine motor use. Services that support individuals facing difficulty in this area include assistance with:

  • Dressing and undressing
  • Fastening shoelaces
  • Hygienic routines (brushing teeth, bathing/showering, using the facilities, etc.)
  • Writing notes and dialing the phone
  • Meal preparation (making food, pouring a beverage into a cup)
  • Feeding assistance (using a fork/spoon, cutting food with a knife, using a napkin)
  • Opening containers
  • Transportation
  • House cleaning
  • And more

It may not seem like an overexertion to complete everyday tasks that require the use of fine motor skills. Yet in reality, fine motor skills are part of a complex system that can be impacted by certain causes, whether noted earlier in life or later. When support is needed, our Aqua Home Care team is here to help. With a reputable registry, trusted resources and years of experience, we are able to guide individuals toward a positive in-home care experience that makes daily tasks more manageable.


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