Happy Thanksgiving

It’s that time of year where friends and family gather to share in a festive meal while giving thanks for everything in life that generates feelings of gratitude. Table settings are placed, food is prepared with precision and traditions, old and new, are carried out for everyone’s enjoyment. Thanksgiving can bring about special feelings of nostalgia, warmth and home, and those celebrating often take great care in preparing for this annual feast. With the holiday quickly approaching, it will soon be time to gather once again.

Here at Aqua Home Care, we have been busy as well finding trusted caregivers for those seeking care services. A main benefit of receiving in-home care is that someone is always there whenever needed to meet your needs all in the comfort of home. Being home for the holidays is priceless, and caregivers can offer their support to help make these occasions special. Along with providing quality in-home care, assistance can be provided with activities often completed before a holiday, including:

  • Grocery shopping – writing a grocery list and locating items in the store as well as placing items in the cart
  • Safety – moving about safely while in crowded stores and parking lots
  • Transportation – driving clients to destinations around town
  • Organization – placing household items, as well as food, in accessible, appropriate locations
  • Housecleaning – making sure the house is neat and tidy
  • Reservations – helping make reservations for travel and for the care of pets if going away
  • Storage bins – getting holiday items out from bins so they may be placed around the house

Aqua Home Care would like to wish everyone in our community a safe and happy Thanksgiving. Whether hosting dinner or traveling to a destination, we hope the day brings enjoyment and happiness to all. We continue to do all that we can during this festive season and offer our referral services now and every day of the year. We would also like to thank those who have trusted us to find the care they need as well as caregivers and our community for their continued support. For you, we are truly thankful.

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I had a great experience.

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