Paying for Your In-Home Care Needs


Planning is something that can begin at a very early age. From deciding what you wanted to be when you grew up, what college you planned to attend, your career path, where you wanted to settle down and raise a family and how you would afford to someday retire, there has been a multitude of avenues you had to plan out in order to get to the place you wanted to be. Though as we all find out, it can be hard to plan for the unexpected. Health issues arise, mobility limitations surface, injuries occur and before you know it the only place you want to be is in the comfort of your own home while you recover or receive long term care rather than a facility or care center. There may be unforeseen costs associated with doing so as you may not have considered someday requiring in-home care services. This can leave you feeling anxious or uncertain about the future you had planned for yourself.

When determining how you will pay for your in-home care needs, Aqua Home Care can offer suggestions to help you make your decision. Some options include:

  • Veteran Benefits – If you and/or your spouse is a veteran of the United States military, you may be eligible to receive in-home care that is covered by VA pension benefits.
  • Long Term Care Insurance – Obtaining a policy through an insurance provider for in-home care can allow you to make monthly payments while you receive the care you need. This is separate from Medicare or other health insurances as most plans do not cover in-home care.
  • Reverse Mortgage – The equity you have accumulated in your home can be sold back to the bank. The bank pays you monthly for the amount.

Aqua Home Care knows the financial concerns of those seeking in-home care. We are here to help you plan not only a tailored care plan for you or your loved one, but to also answer any questions regarding payment that will help guide you toward your best option.



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