Start Your New Year with Aqua Home Care

Senior couple having fun spending winter holiday season together at home, holding small golden balloons shaped as numbers 2023, representing upcoming New Year

Our Aqua Home Care team hopes that this new year finds you well and brings with it much reason to celebrate. The first page of a brand new year tends to speak to us about resolutions, goals, and awaited ventures. For some, there is the eager anticipation of returning to the familiar, simple joys of life. For others, sights are set on adventure and newness. While no one can truly know how the coming months will unfold, there can surly be much enjoyment in thinking about the possibilities.

With continued commitment and dedication to improving and maintaining the quality of life for those in need of daily living care, our Aqua Home Care team enters 2023 with renewal, growth, and promise. Our team proudly refers highly qualified providers who offer a wide range of services to meet the needs of their clients. In-home care recipients benefit from our team’s expertise, reputable resources and registry of trusted caregivers. With Aqua Home Care, this year you, too, can benefit from:

  • Support with activities of daily living
  • Mobility assistance while inside or outdoors, whether for everyday needs or for exercise
  • Transportation to and from doctor’s appointments, physical therapy, exercise class, stores, running errands, or activities around town
  • Companionship
  • Assistance with grocery shopping and preparing meals
  • Daily medication reminders
  • Assistance with maintaining cleanly, clutter-free surroundings
  • Personal hygiene care
  • Supervision
  • Post-injury support
  • And so much more

As the final countdown commenced and concluded, the world entered a brand new year. Our team looks forward to 2023 being a time for growth as we continue to expand service area locations and meet more members of the communities we serve. Aqua Home Care is here for those seeking quality support and compassionate care that ensures comfort, safety and wellbeing. Whether you are already part of our family or are considering in-home care as an option for you or for a loved one, we promise to bring you the trusted services you deserve all year round. From meeting your daily needs and maintaining your quality of life to improving your everyday living, Aqua Home Care enters the new year with sights set on growth and hearts set on quality care. 

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