Technological Advances: Social Connections with Social Media

Technology has become a central, and in some cases essential, part of everyday life over the last two decades. Many of us can still remember growing up without cellphones and other portable devices at our disposal such as laptops, tablets, smartwatches and more. Even household appliances have seen their share of upgrades with new features and substantial improvements. Nowadays these items are used without a second thought on a daily basis by millions around the globe, and advancements in technology are growing by the day. Socializing via several platforms are at one’s fingertips thanks to these advancements, though for those who remember a time when speaking to a friend or loved one meant calling them on a landline, writing a letter or driving to their home, latest modes of communication can be difficult to maneuver.

Here at Aqua Home Care, we want your in-home care experience to be comfortable, safe, effective and nonrestrictive. Caregivers from our registry are here to not only meet your daily living needs, but also help you stay connected with friends and loved ones near and far. Setting up an email or social networking/media account can be made easier with a guiding hand. Communicating online allows you to not only speak but also  see who you are talking to on your computer or cellphone. Many platforms allow you to share about your day, view and post videos and pictures and stay up to date with the daily lives of family members and friends. These and many more can be accessed on a cellphone and other devices with ease. An added bonus is this can be a less restrictive way to communicate. If conditions are present that make writing/typing, speaking out loud, performing fine motor movements, etc. more difficult then these and other modes of communication may help.

Keeping in touch online with those we cherish helps to keep us involved in the lives of those we may not get to see every day, especially those from younger generations who are quite accustomed to online communication. Along with meeting all of your in-home care needs with compassionate, reliable, quality support, caregivers from our Aqua Home Care registry can help you reach out and stay connected.

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