Vision Loss and In-Home Care Services for Everyday Living

The world around us is filled with much stimulation, and one of the main ways we experience it is through our sense of sight. From taking a glance at our surroundings, navigating our vehicles and viewing the visual stimuli that is presented in everyday life, our eyes are constantly receiving information. One’s ability to see, however, can be affected by a variety of factors. Disease, injury, aging and certain conditions can impact the level of vision in one or both eyes causing either temporary, immediate or gradual vision loss. While individuals living with partial or total vision loss lead independent lives every day, there is a period of adjustment. Additionally, age-related impacts, health issues, mobility limitations and other factors that can impede daily tasks and routines may also be present, and having an experienced care professional nearby can make a world of difference.

Over the years, our Aqua Home Care team members have helped individuals with a wide-range of care needs find quality support. Whether assistance is required for a period of time, specific durations of the day or night, or long-term, support is available. Providers referred from our registry are paired with clients based on compatibility as well as care needs. This ensures that each in-home care recipient is matched with a caregiver best-suited for providing everyday support during activities of daily living and more. Tailored care plans are mindfully developed for each unique individual for a personalized in-home care experience. When it comes to partial or total vision loss, service options are that are geared toward managing day-to-day living while maintaining safety and wellness are available. These include:

  • Transportation
  • Mobility assistance and guidance
  • Support with assistive devices
  • Assistance through shopping centers, parking lots, and outdoor areas
  • Meal preparation/feeding assistance
  • Heavy housecleaning
  • Medication reminders
  • Assistance completing errands
  • Maintaining organization of items for everyday use
  • Clearing walkways of clutter to prevent falls
  • Assistance with personal care routines and household tasks
  • Supervision
  • Companionship
  • And more

Protecting the eyes from damage, visiting the eye doctor for regularly-scheduled appointments and seeking treatment for eye-related ailments can prolong vision and overall eye health. Should support become necessary, our Aqua Home Care team is here with 24/7 reachability for mindful caregiver/client pairings and personalized, positive in-home care experiences.



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