Weather Watching: Navigating Peak Hurricane Season with Aqua Home Care

Mid-August through mid-October brings months of being especially alert and on guard when it comes to seasonal weather impacts. The 2022 peak hurricane season is upon us, and while the state of Florida has been in the clear thus far we remain watchful for these intense storms. Weather experts continue to monitor for storm development, and as Floridians we are advised each year to plan and prepare for potential hazards. While warnings of hurricane threats are able to be shared in advance, shopping, gathering and planning is all the more pressing when hurricane conditions are imminent. Due to this, many state residents have already been stocking up on necessary items, checking their supplies, and making arrangements for the “if and when”.

Navigating hurricane season takes preparation, and impending hurricanes require action. However, fulfilling certain tasks and taking certain actions can be more difficult for those of advanced age, those with medical conditions, injuries, chronic illness and more. Individuals requiring daily living care may also require support when it comes to storm readiness. With Aqua Home Care, in-home care recipients are in trusted hands at all times, including through periods of worrisome weather. Care providers we refer go above and beyond for their clients, and storm preparedness responsibilities are able to be checked off the list with guidance and support. This includes providing assistance with:

  • Shopping for needed supplies
  • Refilling medications
  • Calling for services to ensure hurricane shutters are in place
  • Securing/removing outdoor items
  • Making arrangements for pets
  • Making arrangements for possible evacuation
  • Watching the forecast for updates
  • And more

As we proceed through peak hurricane season, we remain alert for potential hazardous weather. Our Aqua Home Care team members are ready to implement plans and protocols in the event of hurricane conditions. While we do hope for an uneventful season, we must plan and prepare in order to protect. We wish everyone in our state and areas beyond safety this season as well as a reminder to make arrangements for storm preparedness sooner rather than later.





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