When it’s Time to Seek In-Home Care

Making the decision to begin in-home care is an option many decide upon in order to keep their loved ones at home rather than in a care center. However, knowing when it’s the right time to make the call for in-home care services may not always be clear at first. While we may notice and become concerned with the behaviors our loved ones begin to display, they may be subtle enough to brush off our radar for a while. Other times concerning behaviors go unnoticed entirely when our loved ones live alone and are not seen every day.

We at Aqua Home Care have been referring trusted caregivers to families and their loved ones in need of care with compassion, reliability, and years of experience. We understand the unsettling feeling families face when watching someone they care for experience difficulty or display concerning behaviors.  Certain behaviors may be minimal at first, but continue to progress over time. Some inclinations of an underlying issue and the need for in-home care services may include:

  • Wearing the same, unwashed clothing
  • Mail piling up
  • Unpaid bills
  • Unclean surroundings
  • Electric, water or cable being turned off
  • Not eating regularly or properly
  • Not showering or keeping up with hygiene
  • Forgetfulness
  • Wandering
  • Isolation
  • Unexplained injuries
  • Disorientation

We spend a lifetime building relationships, making memories and keeping those we love most as close as we can. If someone you love is behaving in an unusual way, seems confused, or is having trouble meeting their own needs, please seek medical care so that a diagnosis can be made along with a treatment plan. We at Aqua Home Care are also here to refer quality services and support from caregivers who will provide the daily living care your loved one needs and deserves. When it’s time to make the call for in-home care, Aqua Home Care will be here to answer.

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