Accessing an Online World with a Guiding Hand

Young and senior women are using laptop pc. Daughter is helping mother having fun staying at home.

The last decade has brought advancements in technology that have moved much of society to an online world. Many businesses, companies, experiences and events now operate through various apps and platforms. While in-person options still exist, the convenience of performing certain tasks and communications via the tap of a button are often preferred in recent generations. As technology is ever-changing and evolving with the latest always just around the corner, keeping up can leave some trying to catch their breath. In past decades these features weren’t part of daily life, and there are those of us who can recall a time before the internet became handheld. When online communications, patient portals, Teladoc appointments, online shopping/payments and more require a helping hand, having a patient guide can make all the difference while navigating through an electronically connected world.

Here at Aqua Home Care, we ensure that in-home care experience remains comfortable, safe, effective and nonrestrictive. Caregivers from our registry are here to not only meet daily living needs, but also help their clients stay connected and access options that may be more convenient. Setting up an email, social networking/media account, establishing online billing accounts, grocery shopping through online platforms and more can be made easier with a guiding hand. Even some doctor’s appointments can be attended without having to leave the house. These conveniences and more can be accessed on a cellphone and other devices. Having trusted support also aids with avoiding online scams as well as preventing one from providing personal information to false sources disguised as legitimate agencies. Another bonus of learning to use these features is having a less restrictive way to communicate. If conditions are present that make writing/typing, speaking out loud, performing fine motor movements, etc. more difficult, then having these options can offer more accessibility.

Along with meeting all personal care needs right from the comfort of home, providers can help their clients stay connected while accomplishing errands and attending appointments from the very same place. With compassion and reliability, trusted caregivers from our Aqua Home Care registry are available to help navigate, guide and support both offline and online. 

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