Continued Routines for Wellness with Support at Home


Health maintenance is important at every life stage, and building a strong foundation that supports prolonged health can make all the difference in older adulthood. As the years pass and we advance in age, doctor’s visits may become more frequently required, various medications may be prescribed and the body starts to experience sarcopenia, or muscle loss. While bodily changes are bound to occur and health needs do evolve, there are ways to postpone, or even avoid, certain ailments and the need for medications. Exercising and eating well has shown to improve physical and even mental well-being. Aerobic exercise, resistance training and more can improve muscle tone and even reverse muscle loss. Whether the focus is on building as much strength, stamina and endurance as possible, reaching a desired weight, steering clear of/improving health conditions or simply wanting to feel better, working toward the betterment of your body can greatly benefit quality of life. Maintaining healthy routines, even when daily living assistance becomes necessary, is invaluable. While some adaptations may need to be made, daily life can still contain many of the same regimens, including maintaining and working toward better health. 

Having the assistance needed to continue living well is made possible with effective care. Here at Aqua Home Care, we utilize our resources to make the best matches between caregivers and their clients. The services provided by your trusted caregiver are geared toward enhancing everyday life, and many of them support healthy living. Such services can include:

  • Transportation to the grocery store to purchase fresh food
  • Assistance preparing healthy meals
  • Providing assistance during walks outside
  • Helping you stay hydrated
  • Transportation to your gym or exercise class
  • Making sure you arrive at doctor appointments on schedule
  • Offering medication reminders
  • Assistance following doctor’s orders
  • And more

Health maintenance routines can still be followed when daily living care becomes necessary. Modification recommendations can be made by your doctor, and a compassionate caregiver can provide support and guidance. Choosing Aqua Home Care to find the quality services you seek leads to having a caregiver who is committed to meeting your needs and enhancing your life. If you are concerned about continuing your active, healthy lifestyle or maintaining healthy routines while receiving in-home care services, our Aqua Home Care team is happy to ease your worries. A tailored care plan will be created just for you so that you can continue, or even begin, living in a way that supports your health and well-being.

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