Fall Prevention

It’s a common occurrence that impacts hundreds of thousands each year. Individuals who become injured after a fall often face hospitalization and a period of time devoted to recovery. From bumps and bruises to fractures and sprains, the degree of severity is varied, but should be taken seriously none-the-less. With more than ninety-five percent of hip fractures being fall-related and the majority of cases of brain trauma being the result of falling, doing everything we can to prevent such happenings is paramount.

Here at Aqua Home Care, we prioritize safety and well-being. We understand that the risk of falling exists for everyone, but that the risk can be increased due to poor vision, certain medications, illness, reduced muscle strength or reflexes, balancing issues, etc. From a registry of reputable in-home caregivers, we match individuals with caregivers who practice client safety daily and take every precaution to prevent falling and other possible hazards. Whether indoors or out in town, a trusted caregiver can be there to assist and monitor. Such care includes:

  • Providing mobility assistance
  • Support when standing up or sitting down
  • Aid when getting in and out of the shower or bath
  • Prompt cleaning of spills and drying of wet surfaces
  • Support getting in and out of bed
  • Daily clearing of clutter or other tripping hazards around the home
  • Assistance going up or down stairs
  • Mindfulness of footwear that may increase risk of falling, including heels or socks without traction
  • Making sure areas of the home are well-lit

Injuries sustained after a fall may need time to heal and can vary in severity. Medical attention should be sought right away to ensure proper treatment. Aqua Home Care offers our in-home care referral services to anyone seeking quality care at home, including those who may need support following a fall injury. Should you be on the search for trusted care at home from a caregiver who keeps their client’s safety in mind, please give our office a call. We are here to find the quality care you deserve.

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Dottie Russell
The Villages

We had a wonderful care giver his name was Bryan. He has great with my partner. He was a very hard worker. Bob in joyed his jokes

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