Game Time: Modifications for Classic Games

Standing the test of time, classic games are still made, sold and enjoyed by many today. Forms of entertainment including board games, playing cards, dominos and more are staples and, while tweaks have been made throughout the years, they can still be found in homes, stores and online. These traditional games are often introduced to younger generations during family game night or in group gatherings. Whether or not game night was a household ritual, many still fondly recall their favorite childhood games and how they brought everyone together around the table.

As the years go by, certain daily tasks may become more difficult, including recreational interests. Age-related or medical and health-related issues may arise, making once enjoyable activities more challenging. Vision impairment, fine motor limitations and more can also decrease the designed playability of specific games. Fortunately, many classic games are now made with modifications and accommodations to meet the needs of a wider audience. Some families may even prefer to create modifications at home when possible. Such examples for classic games include:


o Large print game cards – Letters and numbers appear in bolder, larger font making them easier to identify.

o Shutter options – Rather than marking a number with a chip, players can move a built-in shutter, or covering, down over the number, requiring less fine motor precision.

Card games:

o Large print – Many card games are now created in larger, bolder print as well as in Braille.

o Card holders – Place holders allow the player to display their cards upright on a stand with one or more rows so they may see them all at once and select a card without shuffling through.

o Egg cartons – One accommodation that can be set up right at home is an upside down empty egg carton. This tool sits in front of the player so they may use the raised portions of the carton as a card holder. They will be able to see their cards all at once rather than holding and flipping through multiple cards. Slits can even be put in each raised portion of the upside down carton to place a card in each.

Board games:

o Large print models – Companies manufacture many board game favorites, including Scrabble and Monopoly, using color variants and larger print to aid those with difficulty seeing and reading the print.

o Braille – Many games can now be purchased in Braille 


o Domino rack – This added feature allows the player to place their dominoes upright in a way they can easily see and manipulate.

o Raised dots – This feature allows the player to feel the number depicted on the domino when vision is compromised.

o Larger dominos – Pieces are larger, sometimes as large as one’s hand, so that they may be easily placed, grasped and handled.


Giant dice – Great for any game that requires the use of dice. Various sized dice can be purchased to make rolling and seeing the dots easier. Some include dots that are raised as well. They are available in both hard and soft form depending on preference.

Apps – Classic games on your phone, tablet or computer may be more easily played via clicking or tapping on items. Multiplayer options are also available.

These modifications and more exist to accommodate a wider spectrum of individuals. Being able to participate as independently as possible can be made easier with adjustments, allowing players to enjoy some of their favorite pastimes or enjoy playing for the first time. Whether with family, friends, or even your in-home caregiver, we at Aqua Home Care wish you fun revisiting and learning these and more. 

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