Quality In-Home Care for the One you Love


Spending your life with someone you truly cherish yields years of treasured memories. Throughout this time together a sense of companionship has grown and the time spent with one another can be remembered as some of the most enjoyable moments. Having someone by your side and on your side can bring such comfort, and its only natural to want to provide the same in return. There may come a time, however, when more may be required. When your loved one finds themselves in need of personal daily living care, its also natural to want to find the best care possible.

Here at Aqua Home Care, we make it our priority to find knowledgeable, compassionate caregivers for those seeking in-home care services. We take time to personally interview potential caregivers for our registry and gather all necessary information. Our team mindfully pairs individuals with caregivers best suited to meet their needs. This process helps to ensure a positive in-home care experience for both caregivers and their clients. Those who call upon Aqua Home Care to find the quality in-home care services they seek benefit from support tailored to fit their schedule and lifestyle. Caregivers from our registry go above and beyond for their clients as they provide a wide-range of services right in the comfort of home. Such services can include:

  • Personal care – dressing/undressing, hygiene upkeep, showering/bathing, using the facilities, grooming, etc.
  • Medication reminders – keeping track of when and how medication is to be taken
  • Mobility assistance – assistance moving about the house or outdoors, ensuring safety when walking or moving into a standing/sitting position, getting in and out of bed, etc.
  • Transportation – driving the client to doctor appointments, the grocery store or to complete errands
  • Meal preparation – preparing food and offering feeding assistance if necessary
  • Heavy housecleaning – ensuring that the home is clean and spaces are kempt
  • Supervision – ensuring client well-being at all times and taking proactive measures to prevent wandering and safety hazards
  • And more

When the person you have loved for so long finds themselves in need of more care than you may be able to provide alone, Aqua Home Care can help. We will find a caregiver best suited to meet your loved one’s needs. Having a trusted in-home caregiver also means that your loved one will be able to receive care without having to leave home. This enables more time together without the worry of being apart. Staying together through times of need has always been an unspoken promise. Let Aqua Home Care help your loved one stay right where they wish to be.



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Michele Green
Vero Beach

Aqua Home Care employs great office staff whom are very responsive.
I had a great experience.

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