Seasonal Changes: Staying Safe this Cold and Flu Season with In-Home Care


This time of year often brings feelings of excitement as preparations for holiday celebrations commence. Homes are donned with decorations, temperatures begin to cool down, and holiday shopping is well underway. It is also the season, however, when illnesses such as the cold and flu are increasingly reported. The viruses that cause these ailments can spread through different modes such as direct human contact, touching germ-ridden surfaces and even through the air we breathe. Alongside these common yearly illnesses, the risk for contracting covid-19 is still present. While it is important for everyone to do what they can to prevent feeling under the weather, some individuals have a greater susceptibility than others of falling more severely ill. Young children, seniors and those who are immunocompromised face greater risks for complications. 

Here at Aqua Home Care, we understand the importance of maintaining one’s health all year long. We also understand that, for some, assistance may be needed to do this in an effective manner. Those who receive daily living support not only benefit from having a caregiver nearby to meet their everyday needs, but from having someone near to prioritize healthy habits as well. In-home care services that aim to promote health and wellness, prevent the spread of germs and proactively help maintain healthy living include:

  • Heavy housecleaning – sanitizing and disinfecting surfaces, washing linens, mopping, cleaning bathrooms, etc.
  • Social distancing and personal protective wear – mindfully assisting with maintaining social distance in public and putting on a mask
  • Transportation – providing transportation to doctor’s appointments to monitor health
  • Personal care – assistance keeping up with proper hygiene such as bathing, washing hands, brushing teeth, changing soiled clothing, etc.
  • Medication reminders – offering reminders when medication is needed 

Taking proper measures to prevent illness is imperative, especially for those who may be more at risk. This cold and flu season, and all year long, in-home caregivers help support wellness by assisting their clients with the implementation of such preventative measures. For reliable care at home, give our team at Aqua Home Care a call. We refer trusted caregivers who will be there to meet everyday needs as well as offer support to apply healthy practices.

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