Checking Boxes: Assessing Personal Needs

After considerations from doctors, loved ones and your own conclusions, the determination may be that in-home care is the right path for more manageable living at home. Once this decision has been made, our Aqua Home Care team is here to help with guidance, reputable resources and compassion. We develop tailored care plans that meet individual needs and schedules. Caregivers from our registry offer a variety of services to their clients with availability that ranges from part-time and full-time to live-in care. It is our commitment and our pleasure to guide those seeking services toward positive in-home care experiences. Assessing personal care needs is a crucial first step, and to help you determine how much care you may need our Aqua Home Care team would like to offer these considerations:

Part-time care:

 You find yourself needing assistance during specific portions of the day, whether for a few hours or only on specific days.

 You have family members who are typically available and whom you prefer to come over to assist with certain tasks.

 You are living with family who can provide care, but need a caregiver when they must work, travel or have other obligations.

 You are able to perform some daily personal care routines independently, but need help with others.

Full-time care:

 Support throughout the day is needed.

 You live alone or with others, but still require care for a large portion of the day.

 Assistance is needed with most or all daily personal care routines

Live-in care

 Care is needed every day throughout the day and night.

 Family members may live far away or may be unable to provide care.

 Assistance is needed with all daily personal care routines.

 You would benefit from having a caregiver who can be with you throughout the night to assist with using the facilities, getting in and out of bed, providing medication reminders, etc.

  • When determining how much in-home care is right for you, Aqua Home Care is here to help. We also suggest sitting down with your family and with your doctor to discuss their recommendations and concerns. A case manager from our team will also take time to speak with you and assess care needs. Whether you choose part-time, full-time or live-in care, Aqua Home Care is here with compassionate, reliable, quality support tailored just for you.

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