More Celebrations at Home with In-Home Care

Spending quality moments with loved ones is on the horizon. These past few months have showed us all the true value of home, and the time will come when we can open our doors and share all that we’ve been missing most. We will once again host celebrations, toast milestones, converse around the table, and join in laughter that echos through the halls rather than through phone lines. When the time comes for gatherings, one of the first places for their holding may very well be right at home.

The importance of home and family is the foundation on which Aqua Home Care was built. We share in the sentiment that home provides a place where one can feel secure, safe and at peace. This is why we offer our resources to those who wish to stay in their own homes when daily living care becomes necessary. Using our registry of professional, qualified and compassionate caregivers, we hand-select each caregiver/client pairing based on needs and personality. Individuals who choose in-home care are able to receive the support they need and deserve in their own familiar surroundings. Having more privacy, reducing the risk of exposure to germs/illnesses and feeling more comfortable are common motives for wanting to remain at home rather than enter a care facility. Another top reason, we find, is the ability to be near family. Many plant their roots near those who are dear, and staying close by may mean the world. Feeling part of what goes on, staying involved, being present for celebrations and having the option to see loved ones at any time is something highly sought. Though separation and social distancing have been key, we know that families will be able to come together again.

There will be, and there still is, much to look forward to despite the hardships of the journey. Venues, businesses, schools and facilities will reopen along with our doors and our arms. Right now safety from infection is a top priority as we all do our part to keep the virus at bay. We anticipate, however, joining with our own loved ones in our own homes making up for all the time spent apart. Much has been missed, but we know there will be so much to celebrate.


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Dottie Russell
The Villages

We had a wonderful care giver his name was Bryan. He has great with my partner. He was a very hard worker. Bob in joyed his jokes

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