National Handwashing Awareness Week


The first week of December hosts National Handwashing Awareness week. During this time, focus is placed upon the importance of maintaining healthy practices via washing one’s hands in order to limit exposure and spread of illness. This daily routine has been especially emphasized these past few years as prevention has been key throughout the pandemic. Handwashing is one of the first lines of defense against viruses, and taking steps to combat them throughout cold and flu season, and all year long, benefits personal health and wellbeing along with the health and wellbeing of surrounding individuals. Those with compromised immune systems are at greater risk for infection, making handwashing a vital practice for everyday wellness.

Here at Aqua Home Care, we refer trusted caregivers who assist their clients with personal care routines on a daily basis. Individuals facing difficulty with day-to-day tasks benefit from quality in-home care services that promote comfort, safety and wellness. Services offered include providing support during personal care routines, such as hygiene upkeep and handwashing whenever needed. Viruses can spread easily, and illness takes varying tolls. Mild to severe reactions can occur with some individuals recovering with little intervention and others requiring medical support. In-home care offers a more private setting for receiving care services and limits one’s exposure. Compassionate caregivers further this benefit with services that aim to maintain good health.

Reminders for proper handwashing include:

  • Wetting hands before applying soap
  • Rubbing soap between fingers, over backs of hands, palms and over wrists
  • Washing hands using this process for at least 20 seconds
  • Drying with a clean towel/paper towel

National Handwashing Awareness week is observed for a matter of days, but performing this practice throughout the year is paramount. Avoiding illness is a top priority as it impacts every aspect of daily living and can lead to serious complications. Protect yourself and those around you by implementing this routine throughout the day. Our Aqua Home Care team wishes everyone in our community and beyond health and wellness this season and all year long.

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