Heart Conditions and Support for Everyday Living

Heart conditions affect millions of people worldwide. In the United States alone, over thirty-million adults are living with heart disease. Whether presenting earlier in life or much later, heart conditions require following medical advice, making lifestyle changes, monitoring and taking measures to avoid complications. Such practices should also be followed in order to prevent a heart-related issue. For some, however, implementing these routines can be made more difficult when co-existing concerns are present. Age-related ailments, memory loss, mobility limitations and more can interfere with daily routines that are necessary for heart health maintenance.

Here at Aqua Home Care, our team places safety, comfort and wellness as our top priority. Each individual seeking support at home is unique, and we have been able to pair experienced caregivers with clients who are living with a variety of health conditions, including those involving the heart. We are pleased to refer trusted professionals from our registry who provide services that help their clients with personal care tasks as well as with routines that help them stay on track with their health. Such services include:

  • Mobility assistance when moving about indoors or outside
  • Transportation to doctor appointments, physical therapy, exercise class and specialists
  • Medication reminders so that medicines are taken on time and as directed
  • Preparation of healthy meals and feeding assistance
  • Heavy housecleaning tasks
  • Assistance at the grocery store when shopping for healthy foods
  • Support while staying active
  • Monitoring for signs of distress and seeking emergency services
  • Companionship that can aid in reduced stress, reduced anxiety and increased peace of mind

Heart conditions require mindful care, and when other daily living concerns are present it can be even more difficult to monitor these conditions and maintain healthy routines independently. Our Aqua Home Care team is here to match individuals with the trusted, compassionate support they need and deserve. If you or a loved one would benefit from receiving in-home care, know that Aqua Home Care is here to help. For comfort, safety and wellness right in the heart of home, we are here for everyday living and beyond.



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