Long Term Care Insurance

Planning ahead for future care can help ease financial stress when daily living services become necessary. There are multiple ways to go about saving for such circumstances, including the option of long term care insurance. The cost of receiving care services is on the rise and is only expected to increase in the coming years. Those with chronic illnesses, medical conditions and disabilities may require some degree of support, and long term care insurance can help cover the costs in the policyholders home, nursing home, assisted living facility or care center. Age and existing health issues are a factor, and since individuals will have to pay higher premiums due to pre-existing conditions and/or advanced age, it is recommended to purchase plans sooner rather than later.

Different plans and coverage options can be a lot to sift through, and our Aqua Home Care team is here to help. We are experts in long term care insurance and guide individuals seeking to utilize their policies. In-home care is a popular option when daily living assistance is required, and long term care insurance has helped many with the financial component. Coverage options vary, but the purpose of long term care insurance is to cover the cost of services related to activities of daily living, or ADLs. Policyholders can make a claim when support is needed for at least two of the following activities of daily living: eating, using the facilities, getting dressed, bathing, getting on or off the toilet, and transferring in or out of a bed or seat. Trusted caregivers from our registry provide their clients with support for these aspects of daily living and much more. While typical health insurance plans and Medicare do not cover the cost of long term care, policies that are specifically designed for long term care offer coverage.

Long term care insurance policies can be purchased through a company or through an agent, and individuals may choose from a variety of coverage options when making their selection. It is important, however, to research and discuss to make the best, most informed decision. While we don’t always anticipate, and therefore don’t always plan for the unexpected, life changes do happen. When it comes to care that may be required later in life or care that may be necessary for other needs, the recommendation is to look into options beforehand. Should you be seeking in-home care services and would like to utilize your benefits, our Aqua Home Care team is here to help.


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